Hi ladies!

This is a super easy, quick recipe that is delicious! Make it anytime for yourself, your main squeeze, friends or whoever!!

I think my sister in New York would love this!


2 chicken breasts

3 ounces goat cheese

3 tbsp. fresh parsley chopped fine

2 tbsp. pesto (you can buy premade at the grocery store)


Garlic Cheese Sprinkle from Gilroy!! Or garlic powder

Kitchen string


Preheat oven to 375

Pound chicken to flatten between 2 pieces of wax paper or plastic wrap. Use a meat tenderizer mallet. In a pinch, use a hammer (I have!). Flatten till uniform width all over.

Spread pesto and goat cheese on one side of chicken. Sprinkle parsley and garlic sprinkle/powder. Grind pepper all over it. You can also sprinkle salt, but I find that it is salty enough with the pesto, goat cheese, etc.

Roll up chicken and secure with string.

Put skillet on stovetop on high heat. I add a little oil so the chicken won’t stick.

Sear chicken on all sides till brown, about 5-7 minutes.

Put ovenproof skillet in oven and cook chicken for 20 minutes, turning chicken once. If the skillet isn’t ovenproof, just transfer chicken to baking dish.

Note: I like to pour a little Italian dressing over the chicken right before it goes in the oven. You can also garnish with some fresh chopped parsley.

This is delish any time of year!!

Pink Appetit!