Hi all you cool cats!

Dig those crazy suits man!


Backyard BBQ, weenies, swingin’ tunes, groovy outfits – what more do you need??

Hang ten Sally! Aka Gidget!


Yesterday, I heard the Beach Boys Song, “Surf City.” As I was driving along with my top down (I drive a vintage ’89 Mercedes 560SL – think Hart to Hart), a wave of nostalgia wafted over me. I thought of clambakes and Elvis Presley’s kitschy movies like “Blue Hawaii” and “Girl Happy.” He was soooo hot and could sing and sort of act and who really cares because he was soooo hot! I wanted to be one of those girls stuck in some tropical hotel with Elvis pretending to be a poor kid when really he’s a gazillionaire. Oh what a life!


Elvis at his best!

(I think I’m the bratty blond in the back!)

It didn’t matter that these movies were made before I was even born. For some reason, this era was celebrated a lot when I was young and what was on TV and the radio was selling Happyville times 10.

Oh Gidge!


Ah, to be living one of these movies. Beach Blanket Bingo – Who can forget those crazy kids Annette and Frankie whooping it up wholesome style on the beach? And Gidget!!! So peppy! So perky! So “Gosh Dad!” and “Honest to goodness it’s the absolute ultimate!”

Where are these adorable kids now? All I see is thugs and hos with their underwear sticking out and talkin bout their bitches. Oh No, I sound like an old curmudgeon! And I love rap music! Ironic, no?

I long for simple times. Even Michael J. Fox, when he went “Back to the Future,” found out that that happy-go-lucky assbackward town was actually quite a hoot. Dig those crazy clothes and cars man!

And the “Flamingo Kid” was just on TV and I really dug their scene. Where is this country club now? How do I join? I want to learn the Twist and the Cha Cha in my bathing suit! I want to eat weenies and sip fruity, fun cocktails and go to the evening dance!

Who DOESN’T want to watch “Dirty Dancing” like 50 times watching them frolic in the Catskills in their capri pants and sorbet-colored dresses? Patrick Swayze wasn’t so dirty if you compare him to, say L’il Wayne!

What’s old is cool again – just look around you. What’s on TV? Retro baby! “Mad Men” – I am mad for it!! Green Lantern, Captain America, Dukes of Hazzard – all remakes. And now “Charlie’s Angels” is coming out – I secretly can’t wait! What’s next, the remake of “Mr. Ed?”

Let's BBQ!

And cooking is cool again – first, all women stayed home and were chained to the kitchen. Then feminism broke those chains and women were free to cut up their bras, join the rat race, smoke Capri cigarettes in pastel colors, have premarital sex (OMG) and stuff like that. Then, everyone wanted to nest again and fast food became evil. Lawyers quit their jobs to become chefs. High school kids flocked to culinary school in droves. The Food Network exploded. Now, it’s not cool if you DON’T cook.

Now, in the middle of summer, I think it makes us especially nostalgic. I want to be back in camp, running around in my dolphin shorts and Dorothy Hamill haircut. I want to have a Tiki Lounge like my friend’s parents had. I want to say things like “Neat!” and “Gosh!”

Let’s all go back to simpler days this summer ladies! Here’s what you need:

1. Yard or patio or beach or park

2. Weenies and burgers

3. Fruity cocktails or some kind of happy beverage

4. Neat-o outfit – Lilly Pulitzer has some great vintage-looking dresses. And my husband just got super cool plaid shorts at the Gap!

5. Nifty tunes – it’s all on iTunes folks. Go download some 50s, 60s, etc.

6. Fun games – think old school – step AWAY from the Wii!!! Play some beach volleyball, charades, potato sack race, LIMBO!!

Croquet anyone?

7. FRIENDS!!!!

There – party is ready! Are you??