Cock-a-doodle-doo ladies!

Happy Saturday morning to you! How will you start your day? Bacon and eggs? Yoghurt? Booze and pills?

For me, I LOVE to start my day with cereal!!! I just love it! Since I have a sweet tooth, I like all the kid’s cereals – you know, the high sugar kind. Corn pops, Lucky Charms, Apple Jacks. If I am trying to be good, I’ll have this Ginger Almond Crunch stuff from Trader Joe’s and in the FREEZING, cold winters of Southern California (yeah right), I like a nice bowl of hot oatmeal.

Remember this kind?

I love cereal SO much, I could eat it for every meal. I’m serious!! I ate it for dinner in college many, many nights. Hey, it’s a quick, inexpensive, healthy meal. Now, if you asked my trainer, she would say NO WAY is this healthy! It’s processed, lots of sugar and nothing natural about it. But I’m comparing it to things like McDonald’s or Taco Bell – it’s a Hellavu lot better for you than that crap. And you don’t have to leave your house (that is, as long as you have some cereal in the cupboard).

I used to LOVE Quisp!!

Check out my friend Charles Phoenix’s fun cereal snack. If you have never heard of Charles, well he is a kitschy, fun genius:

Watch Charles Phoenix cook!


This could be yours!!

AND, I’m so concerned for your cereal happiness, that I am giving away a variety pack of Kellogg’s cereals!! It is pure joy in a box! Imagine how jealous your neighbors will be when this shows up on your doorstep!

Just leave a comment and the prize behind door number 3 could be yours!!!