Hi Summer Lovin’ ladies!

I had so much fun doing my last ode to all things retro, that I thought I would continue!

NOTE: FREE FRIDAYS will post tomorrow. Don’t ask me why it’s a day late. Something to do with being blonde and thinking it’s Wednesday, and the dog distracting me…


BFFs 4ever!!


Ah, the summer of my youth! Shirley Temples, Shaun Cassidy, ribbon barrettes, lipsmackers, tube tops, the movie Meatballs, Jaws (which I forever will owe my fear of deep sea swimming to), Cherry Coke, Fanta, Little Darlings (my sister came  THISCLOSE to being cast in the sequel!), Fast Times at Ridgemont High (made me secretly want to live in California), National Lampoon’s Vacation, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (when Sarah was goofy), Valley Girl (hello Nicholas Cage!), and…

Ooooh, soooo scary!

Oh yeah, the FIRST 3-D movie ladies!! My best friend Tina and I went to see it. We were SO excited and ended up laughing through the whole movie! It was so lame. The parasites looked like giant turds with teeth. I can’t believe Demi Moore was in this!

And don’t forget…

Revenge of the Nerds!

This movie made me want to go to college immediately!

And who didn’t want to be Sandra Dee?!

Watch Danny and Sandy in action!

There was a brief period where I had short hair and a perm and braces but I try to block that out. I looked like Shirley Temple meets a brillo pad meets the guy in “Moonraker” with the steel teeth meets Revenge of the Nerds – NOT pretty!

I’ll tell you a funny story –

So true!


My neighbor Anna and I used to go over to our other neighbor Adam’s house and practice kissing. I think we were about 13 years old. Now, ladies, if anyone tells you it’s the boys you need to keep an eye on, they are LYING!! It’s the GIRLS that you have to worry about!! Looking back, I can accurately say we were awful. I wasn’t a Ho or anything, but we certainly liked the attention of boys! And girls can come up with amazing plans to get what we want. I would wear my roller skates 24/7 and put on a cute miniskirt and head out the door. And one day, when one of the boys in our neighborhood said he saw my underwear, I laughed and pulled up my skirt – smart me, I wore short shorts under my skirts!! No tramp here!

Sarah may look trampy and kooky now, but this was WAY cool back in the day!


So anyways, my friend Anna and I practiced kissing on pillows for a while, but then we felt we needed a live model –  warm lips that could react and tell us how we were doing. A simulator, if you will. So, we recruited our hesitant (and very sweet) neighbor Adam to let us come over and accost him….er, I mean…do some research. Adam was a braniac. Kinda nerdy but also cute. You know the type – he’s nerdy so he doesn’t know he’s cute – that’s the best kind! He loved Weird Al Yankovich. Anna and I went over to his house and locked ourselves in his room. We took turns kissing him, innocent kisses really, till he was dizzy and so sweaty and red, we didn’t know what was going on. Poor kid. We really abused him, although I doubt he is traumatized or has ever looked back on it as a negative experience. Anna would kiss Adam and I would grab him away and say “No Anna! That’s NOT how you do it!” This went on for a while until we got bored (not Adam but Anna and me) and would go invade Adam’s fridge. His parents never seemed to be around.

We had SO much fun in my neighborhood. I lived right smack in the middle of the city in a complex that was closed to the public – well, people could walk around, but we had lots of security, no cars, tennis courts, parks, etc. It was a wonderful place. Check it out:


There were a ton of kids around my age and we became the Rat Pack. We were pretty innocent kids, mostly teasing one another, playing video games at the club, or whatever. We had a club with a pool right in the city and we would spend hours just hanging out. Summer was so much fun! I can still smell the onion rings at the snack bar!

Note to parents – When your teenage kids say they are “hangin” out, they are doing just that  – hanging out!!

We found some time in the summer from our busy schedules to play Spin the Bottle. We usually would do this in the stairwells of one of our buildings. Sometimes, we would hear someone coming up or down the stairs and have to scram. We all had a crush on Trent, the guy with the Southern accent, so each time, we tried to aim for him. One time, someone had the brilliant idea of doing Strip Spin the Bottle. Basically, if the bottle landed on you, you had to take off a piece of clothing. Now, being girls (meaning all strategy and gameplan), we headed over to Cindy’s house first to prepare. Getting ready for Strip Spin the Bottle involved us piling on clothing and accessories. There, we were ready.

Of course, the boys (being boys), showed up in jeans and t-shirts. They were ready too. One of the guys spun the bottle and it landed on Cindy. She took off one earring and threw it down. “There.” She said. Well, you can imagine the reaction the boys had. They went ballistic. “That’s not fair!” one shouted. “That’s not clothing,” the other demanded. But Cindy, she was like the Queen of our court, and therefore the Queen of the boy’s court too. What she said, was how it was going to be.

Needless to say, the ladies never got down to showing much skin. The boys, however, did not fair so well. One boy had worn his tiger print pajamas under his clothes (tricky!) so that’s what he was sporting, one boy had his shirt off. Trent had his shirt wrapped around his groin region with his pants down at his ankles. See, we weren’t as bad as it seems. Even the boys were shy about a full frontal. We heard someone come into the stairwell up one floor from us yelling “What’s going on in here?!” We disappeared faster than rats escaping the exterminator. I will never forget Trent trying to pull up his pants while not exposing himself while running. Very entertaining!

I hope this story reminds you of some fun summer times!

Now go have a fruity cocktail!