December 2010

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LADIES – CONGRATULATIONS for making it through the holidays!!! I myself am so proud that I made it through without completely losing my mind and winding up in the loony bin. It took a ton of willpower but I did it. Next year, I may need valium.
Two days until 2011 begins and it is a … Continue Reading


If I Can Do It, So Can You!!!

Happy Sunday Ladies!!
I am feeling charitable today, and not because it is Sunday. I was never much of a church-goer. However, I have a pile of letters on my desk from various charities begging for donations, so I feel the need to act. GOD BLESS US EVERYONE!
Yes Tiny Tim, I agree! We should feel blessed this … Continue Reading


Continuation of Stupid Comments

Hello ladies and Happy Holidays!!
It is this time of year that I find my single ladies (and the rest of the single general public) longing for the warmth of someone yummy to snuggle up with in front of the fire and to spend the holidays with. I myself have been there on numerous occasions lamenting … Continue Reading