Happy Sunday my dear Ladies in the Pink!

I ask you – what ever happened to verbal communication? Are we destined for a world of texts, physical gestures and distant conversations? They say “Talk is cheap” – I don’t agree;. Screw that.


If Cosmopolitan magazine does ONE more stupid advice page on how to tell if a guy likes you by the way he moves or sits, or tells women how to give physical signs to a guy, I’m going to hurl. Seriously. Vomit on the magazine.

I awoke this lovely Sunday morning to this piece of garbage:


What are we, 12?

You are a grown woman. You have a voice. You have a brain. USE THEM LADIES! This iVillage article is so lame. In each photo, the woman is already doing the most important thing – talking to the guy! That’s all women need. Women are naturally good at talking. It’s one of our inherent qualities. If you want to know how a guy feels about you, if he likes you, it’s quite simple: TALK TO HIM!! I’m not saying walk up and ask “Do you like me?” That would be just plain stupid and a bit pathetic. I’m saying have a conversation with the guy. If he likes you, he will gladly talk to you. And how about if you have this long, amazing conversation and then nothing happens? He doesn’t ask you out or ask you for your number. Zilch. What then? 

Well, he may be shy. He may not. That’s for you to find out. How? TALK to him! Some men need some help in getting to first base (not THAT first base. I’m talking about asking you out on a date). You can help guide him by saying you would like to do something with him, go somewhere, like a movie, or coffee or for a drink. Ask him what he likes to do and then, if you like the same thing, say so. Don’t pretend and lie that you like something he likes just because you want to be his puppet (the book THE RULES gives lame advice like this). If you don’t give a rat’s ass about hockey, then don’t sit and gush about how you would LOVE to go to a game. You’re already giving a fake appearance and not showing the real you, and let me tell you, he will find out who the real you is eventually so you may as well be you now. Yes, you may be shot down and he may not ask you out or decline your offer for a coffee at Starbucks. But you also may get a wonderful willing response and that rocks!

I wish it were so easy that the guy would just walk up to single ladies and ask them out and that would be that, but it’s just not always the case. I had to give my husband a nudge. When we met on Match.com, he emailed me a couple times. I immediately emailed him my number and said “Call me.” It was a risk but it worked. He called and the rest, as they say, is history.

Ladies, if we spend our time at a party or social situation analyzing the way the dude is sitting, we are going to go out of our minds. And let me tell you, most single women are already out of their minds! Why? Because these stupid media keep telling us to analyze, strategize, dissect. Men are not frogs on the biology table. They are people. And when people talk to each other, they get to know each other.

So TALK to the guy you like and wonderful things can happen!

P.S. This stupid article also works in the reverse. If you think that some guy is going to jump up and take action just because you leaned forward, or cocked your head just so, you may be waiting in single purgatory for a long time. If you like a guy, just look at him and smile. Yes, it’s that simple.