Hello Fab ladies!!

Are you married? Single? In a relationship? I was single not too long ago, so I am thoroughly enjoying and celebrating having a husband. Thought I would share


  1. SEX ANYTIME – I should add “with someone you want to have sex with” – haha. Most women could walk into any bar and find a man to have sex with. Let’s face it – men will have sex with almost anyone, anytime. But to have access to a man you love, anytime you’re in the mood? Now that’s magic. Some women see this as a negative – the blond in “Bridesmaids” was hilarious about how her husband wants to do it all the time. Thank god I’m not in that mindset. Ask me in 20 years.
  2. ZOO ANIMAL – Husbands can be so entertaining! They make so many noises – groans, burps, moans, sighs. Mine is particularly noisy. he is definitely a true “boy.” They also do hilarious things like scratch their package, sing, dance. They put things in weird places. They eat weird things. I enjoy watching my husband’s unique mannerisms. He cracks me up when he tortures the dog (she loves it). I feel like Jane Goodall with the chimps! Observe away. It’s hours of entertainment.

    A random cookie left where he was organizing stuff. Huh?

    Shhhhhh…it's asleep

  3. TABLE FOR TWO – I LOVE to cook but cooking for one was boring and not worth the hassle. Now that I have the hubby to cook for, I have renewed my passion for cooking and I get to experiment on him. He will eat almost anything so it makes it easy, and fun! I don’t think the total way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but I definitely know that they appreciate it, a lot! Every time I cook, I feel like I am expressing my love. And that’s so cool. Of course, talk to me when I have kids and am frazzled and have to slap food on the table. Then it might be different! Hungry Man supper anyone? PB&J? 😉
  4. PARTNER IN CRIME – You can be a slob and it doesn’t sound as bad. When you are alone, sitting around the house, doing nothing can sound really slovenly. You feel guilty. But with another person, it doesn’t sound half as bad. Same goes for having someone to eat ice cream with and drink lots of wine with! When someone else is partaking, you don’t feel so bad!
  5. KEN DOLL – I love clothes and that includes men’s clothing. I love a well-dressed man. Almost everything my husband wears, I bought for him. It is so fun to shop for him and find cool stuff. Thankfully, he likes my taste so most stuff I buy is a big hit. Who needs a doll when you have a husband? (I always thought it was creepy when you see grown women with those American Girl Dolls or babydolls dressing them up in outfits. What’s up with that??!!

    Oh yeah – he wears pink thanks to me!

  6. PERSONAL MOVER & CONTRACTOR LIAISON – When I was single, I had to hire movers. It sucked. They were annoying and expensive. And forget asking them to help you stay and decorate, putting everything in the right place! The husband takes care of that now. And remember when you would have to deal with a creepy contractor or salesperson or worker on your own? No more! Anytime we need to deal with someone I don’t want to deal with, I call the husband in. Don’t get me wrong. I am no damsel in distress. I can handle the most awful, pushy sales guy, but why should I? Hey hubby!!! Come here!
  7. SCHEDULE FILLER – Before the hubby, I filled my time with fun nights out with the girls – dinner, movie, theatre – whatever. And it was fun! I would get so worried when my schedule was only half full for the week. I seriously would have panic attacks. Now, with home entertainment in a human form, I don’t need to plan much. I have an instant date every night and can wing it much more and not get all anxiety ridden. I still do lots of girlfriend time but I have relaxed a lot in needing a full social calendar.
  8. SECURITY BLANKET – There’s no question that the right man can make you feel like a million bucks! Just knowing that my husband is there for me means a lot and makes me feel confident in myself. Someone to talk to when I’m upset and who will tell me that everything will be okay. Of course, all men need constant reminders that we women like compliments and affection. My husband can definitely get into his work mode – the horse with blinders just trying to finish the race. But I have learned how to nicely remind him. I wish a cattle prod would do, but it doesn’t.
  9. HONEY DO LIST & ERRAND BOY – All you single gals know how annoying errands can be. There are some that we hate and try to put off as long as possible. I don’t like Costco. There’s nothing pretty about it. It’s functional and great for deals, but there’s no glamour in it. Also, taking out the trash sucks. And breaking down boxes. And hanging pictures. And washing my car. I once had to sleep with an ex in order to get my Crate & Barrel dining table to put together. Hey, it was cheaper than hiring a handy man! If you have a nice husband, he will do these things for you. I do all the grocery shopping, laundry and other things but it’s a great bargain if you ask me for not having to do that other crap.

    He bought pink gloves for me, blue for him. So sweet!

  10. STALLION – Who needs a trophy wife or arm candy? I have a hunky, fun husband! For any of you ladies who have been married a long time, you may have forgotten how great it is to “own” your own man. I was single not too long ago and let me tell you, it is AWESOME having a show pony! I am proud of my husband and love showing him off. He gets along with everyone, which is more than I can say for myself. I am pickier about who I spend time with and definitely annoyed easily. But the hubby likes everyone, and in turn, everyone likes him. I get a tad jealous when women fawn all over him. Okay, VERY jealous. What’s with women not knowing boundaries? If I know a man is taken, it’s hands off and non-flirt mode for me. We were recently at a party and this married woman (her husband was there too and he is good looking by the way) was gushing all over my husband. She Facebooked me “Your husband is adorable!” THAT was irritating. I Facebooked back “Yes! That’s why I married him!” Duh. She must not be getting what she needs at home. Her problem, not mine. As for my stallion, the only stable he’s going into is mine!
  11. I love when the hubby puts his hands on my leg

    The hubby flashing the world!