Ladies, ladies, LADIES!

You have been very, very bad girls. Here I am, giving away free stuff every Friday and you don’t enter to win!!!

What, is my stuff not cool enough? It is! Who wouldn’t want to win a Cuisinart blender in a hot cool color or a warm, cozy throw for winter? (THEY ARE STILL UP FOR GRABS BY THE WAY).

Maybe you think you can’t win. Oh but you can!! People have. Why not you?

Maybe you don’t like free stuff? WTF??!!


If I don’t start getting some entries for my Free Fridays, I’m going to eliminate them altogether! And that would be sad. I would cry. Those who enter would cry.

Today, I am giving away a FANTASIA MIA GENIE WRAP! It’s a shawl. It’s a hood. It’s a wrap. It’s awesome!!!

Leopard is IN ladies! And this wrap has gorgeous black and white leopard print on one side and black velvet on the other. What’s not to love?

So ENTER!!! Tell your friends. Tell your accountant. Tell your hairdresser!