Happy Friday my dear Ladies!

You have been naughty, busy ladies and have not entered to win the beautiful Sapphire and Ruby Necklace, so PLEASE enter. You can still win!

I’m sure you are running around this weekend getting ready for the holidays – maybe preparing for Thanksgiving or getting a jump on Xmas shopping. But you need to take time to stop and smell the roses!

So, for this week’s FREE FRIDAY giveaway, I have a lovely little gem of a bud vase from Kate Spade. The colors or so vibrant, they remind me of Skittles. The green is as shiny and perfect as a Jolly Rancher Green Apple candy and the pink is a happy happy pink.

Perfect for a little flower for your desk area or bathroom. Even without a flower, it is so pretty.

To enter, just leave a comment where you like to put flowers in your home. And specify if you like the pink or the green vase! Don’t worry – I won’t make you choose pink! 😉

I will choose a winner next week. And CONGRATULATIONS to Holly Sivley for winning the Whole Foods Gift Certificate!!