Here are some of my favorite things. I tell all my friends when I find something great so here I am going to pass along stuff. No, I have no affiliation with any of these products or brands. Believe me, I would love them to send me a boatload of free stuff but alas, they didn’t. I found this stuff just by being the super amazing consumer genius that I am.

You don't have to cook these turkeys!

For THANKSGIVING – What to do for place settings? I say, You can’t go wrong with Chocolate! These individually wrapped turkeys from Bissinger’s are SO chic and cute and delicious.


THE BASICS – Sure, there is Victoria’s Secret and their angels and all that hoopla, but I think their stuff is crap. I have bought bras and undies there and they did not last long. Maybe it was the hot candlewax my husband and I used – JUST KIDDING! I bought a BARELY THERE bra at Target just for an everyday, basic bra and I now wear them EVERY DAY! They are inexpensive, comfortable and fit well and are durable – hey, women do crazy things in their bras! They aren’t as sexy as La Perla or some of the other brands, but for regular days, they are the best!

Panties – We all remember the scene in “Bridget Jones Diary” when she is getting hot and heavy with Hugh Grant and he discovers her granny, corset-like panties. Don’t get caught in this predicament. Spanx and other scuba gear may save you for a special occasion, but for every day, try Hanky Panky. I had passed Hanky Panky panties many a time in various stores and well, they package them in a tight little roll so small that they look like they are underwear for a Barbie, or a mouse. AND, one size fits all??!!! Are they nuts? There is no way I am wearing the same underwear as my 5’2, size 0 friend. I picked a pair up and they look so delicate and SMALL.

But this past winter, I got daring and ballsy and bought a pair. And oh my!!! They look good!!! So comfortable and come in every color. Lacy AND practical, they expand to fit anyone. They don’t ride up. They are comfortable, yet sexy enough for any guy. Love them!

GOLD DAHLING – The prices of gold are through the roof! Gold looks luscious, expensive, elegant and chic (except for gold teeth!). Don’t have the bucks for the real deal but still want nice jewelry? Try gold-plated or filled. It looks like the real thing but is a whole lot less expensive. I bought this fab necklace at Ross-Simons and I get so many compliments. Plus, I feel like a million bucks in it. They don’t have to know that it isn’t all gold!



COSTUME JEWELRY – Big statement jewelry is in this season! Even though it’s fake, a lot of big, bold jewelry can be very expensive. Just go into Nordstrom or Saks or one of those stores and see the ridiculous prices for fake gems. Here’s my secret – JC Penney. No, I am not kidding. There, amongst the polyester and cheap-looking items, you can find some fab jewelry. Check out this super cool necklace I got! This would be 3 times the price at Macy’s or Bloomie’s.

Now that you have your Thanksgiving guest gifts and your outfit: panties, bra and jewelry, what more could you need??!!