Hey smiling ladies!

I’m a bad girl. I’m a dirty girl.

I HATE flossing! I do. I really really do. I have sensitive gums and flossing is absolute torture for me. It hurts and my gums bleed. So I don’t floss. Which means that every dentist visit, I get a lovely lecture on how I MUST floss. I know I should, but I don’t. And I’m not the only one. I asked friends if they flossed and they would totally stall, look at the floor and say “Ummmm…sometimes.” Yeah right. Bullshit. Here are some national statistics:

73% of Americans would rather go grocery shopping than floss. (Me included!)

Only 12 percent of Americans floss on a daily basis, leaving almost 50 percent of people never flossing at all.

The last time I was at the dentist, after yet another brutal cleaning with red gums, my dentist again talked about the importance of flossing. I rolled my eyes and said “I am not going to floss.” It’s just silly for me to keep telling him that I will try when I won’t. “If my patients were only to do one step, flossing or brushing, I would choose flossing,” my dentist said. Ugh. “I have an electric toothbrush,” I offer. “That doesn’t get everything in between your teeth,” My dentist throws back. “But it hurts!” I whine. (oh yeah, I’m 42 but I can still whine). He then told me to get a Waterpik. Waterpik? I had kind of heard of Waterpik years ago and thought it was for overly anal clean freaks. But my dentist said it works great and it doesn’t hurt.

I left the dentist with new toothbrush and floss in hand. I handed over the floss to my husband who used it with gusto. He flosses every day. What a goody two shoes! I watch him enviously, as he flosses effortlessly. He actually looks like he is enjoying it! My mother is the same way. She LOVES flossing. So much so, that her sister used to call her “Flossy.” But you know what? Her teeth are amazing.

I went about my non-flossing life until about a month ago, when I had to schedule my 6-month dental cleaning. As visions of agonizing red gums and pain and the disappointed look on my dentist’s face filled my head, I thought I better do something. So online I went and bought a Waterpik.

A week later it arrived. I opened it up and set the thing up and looked at it and thought “Yet another thing I have to do every day. Ugh.” But I was determined to walk into my dentist a changed woman. I filled the water holder up with warm water (I have sensitive gums AND teeth, so cold water is brutal) and I turned the thing on. I got water everywhere and it was a bit hard to maneuver but I kind of liked it. I finished and guess what? My teeth were so clean and I hadn’t even brushed yet!! A lightbulb went off. Are you KIDDING??!! Why the hell didn’t my dentist tell me about Waterpik earlier?? Why doesn’t every dentist sell these and push them on their patients? All these years, I could have been doing a floss-like activity and helping my teeth!

The Waterpik claims it is better than flossing. We’ll see what my dentist says. All I know is that it is actually enjoyable and I do it every morning and night. Sure, I have to push myself to do it when I’m tired but I know it’s good for my teeth.

I want to make sure you know that I am not in cahoots with Waterpik. This is all my own opinion and I discovered this thing on my own. Nobody sent me a free one or offered it to me. I would have loved a free one. So there you go.

Now knowing that, I will say GO GET A WATERPIK!! If you don’t like flossing, this thing is a lifesaver! And I would think it would be great for kids too. The activity is actually kind of fun. Okay, now I sound like a dork. But now, at night, my husband looks enviously at my Waterpik as he uses his old school, rudimentary floss. I am just waiting for the day when he tries to use it. It’s mine! Back off!