Happy kickoff to the weekend ladies!

I am pleased to introduce – TADA – FREE FRIDAYS!

In honor of being free from work and free to enjoy the weekend (hopefully – don’t work too hard ladies), I am beginning giveaways EVERY Friday! Yes, every Friday ladies!

We all know how much we love free stuff right? It doesn’t matter how much you have. I used to run events with the Rodeo Drive Committee and I could not believe how these Beverly Hills ladies, dripping with diamonds and Chanel, would rush the swag bag table. It was something to see let me tell you!

I hope you will enjoy and enter to win. There will be all sorts of items. This week’s item is below.

Do you know what is free?

Hikers leave beautiful rock art in Maine

Rocks! Yes, that gift from Mother Nature. Collect them on hikes, out walking, or make some art for someone else to appreciate. Rocks make great doorstops and as decoration for your yard.

And, if you are like me, and have that humongous amount of Dove soap from Costco lying around, give it to a kid and they will make free art for you. Look what my Godaughter made! A whole lot cheaper than taking them to Color Me Mine!

Shells are free too! Go to the beach, collect some good ones and place them in bowls in your bathroom, use them for art, at the bottom of a vase. My niece collects tons every time she visits!

If you haven't been to Central Park in the summer, go now!

The Park is free! Grab a blanket and a book and some snacks and go cop a squat. Or go out on your lunch hour and sit on a park bench for a few minutes. Good for the mind and body.

Window shopping is free! Okay, it’s not as exciting as buying stuff, but if you window shop with friends and get to have a great chat and check out what’s new this season, it’s a lot of fun.

You know what else is free? Baths! They are my major indulgence. I will get into it in another blog but I LOVE a nice, hot bath. Baths are an instant relaxer for me and way cheaper than going for a massage. And I want you to enjoy one too so I am giving away a bottle of fancy Floralie’s Rose Bouquet Bubble Bath. I love this stuff. Just leave a reply saying you want to enter to win. I will pick a winner next week! NOTE: Please entries in the U.S. only. Shipping abroad is a bit extravagant!

Pink bubble bath – of course!

Happy weekend!