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In need your help! One of the reasons I created my website was to bring attention to important matters and news events. And this absolutely requires your attention.

My friend Susie, who has a big heart and many friends, including me, sent me this email and I wanted to help immediately. This woman is going through hell. Her story is heart-wrenching and completely unfair. Susie has told me that this woman is a wonderful person and that everything that she is reporting is true. I know Susie, so I know this is the truth. Here is what she sent:

Kimberly Bunn is a very good friend to Dayna and I.  Kim was arrested last night, her son taken away from her, traumatizing this little boy and put in the hands of an abuser.  We have been supporting Kim while she has fought desperately to protect her child.  This is absolutely devastating.  We need to get this information out and make it known to the public and anyone else that has stood before this judge to please come forward!

As you read the following information in the link and below, please pray for Kimberly and the heart break she is feeling sitting in jail unable to protect her child and for her safety and the safety and well being of her son. The Orange County Register and CBS news are also being contacted through the lawyers and others that have been working with her. It has already hit the internet just a few minutes ago!  http://forourchildrenandjustice.yolasite.com/kimberly-bunn-miller.php.  and……There are many out there that have been victims of this judge.

Judges are people too – and that means that their personal opinions and morals can play a major role in their ruling, which can be good, or in this case, very bad. This whole case is, well, un-American and unfortunately, not unusual. Corrupt lawyers and judges change the fate of people’s lives. PLEASE TAKE ACTION – at the bottom of this, there are instructions on how you can help.

Cypress, CA – Family Law JudgeClay M. Smith today ordered the arrest of Kimberly Bunn-Smith, a single mother raising a small son for refusing to turn the boy over to the man who, she says, battered her and tried to force her to abort when she was four months pregnant.

Bunn-Smith has been resident in a shelter for battered women as she fought to retain custody against the orders of Smith, who, according to her and friends, routinely refused to examine the evidence of Wayne ‘s abusive behavior, which was also visited on her son due to visitation forced by the same judge.

It was at the shelter that police arrested Bunn-Miller, shortly after serving Judge Smith with two motions which remove the case from his court due to her status as a Native American.  (see “Motions” on website).  Specific law demands questions of the raising of Native American children to Tribal Courts.  As a registered member of the Montauk or Shinnecock Indian Tribal Nation with land holdings on Long Island, New York Bunn-Miller filed to have the matter moved to the proper venue.

Kimberly Bunn-Miller’s concerns did not begin, or end, with the venue, however.

Bunn-Miller finished her education to become a school teacher and was left unable to use her degree because of Judge Smith’s false charges of domestic violence against her, which automatically disqualified her from teaching in the State of California.  She lost her job because of the many court hearings forced by Wayne, as many as eight in one month.  Wayne is “self-employed” which work  includes sales of pornography, she commented.


Go to this blog and post a comment. You can simply say “This woman deserves a fair trial with an unbiased judge.”


We need all the support we can get! So band together ladies! Let’s be strong and help other women!