Hi Ladies!

Christmas is coming!! I don’t mean to scare the crap out of you, but it is. Just a few months away. So I thought I would give you some ideas of great stuff to get the guys in your life – boyfriend, husband, lover (hopefully you don’t have all three!!!) Or dad, brother, friend, etc. I love a well-dressed man and I have been having a ball since I met my husband, using him as my life-size Ken doll.

Let’s start with some inspiration, shall we?

How hot does Ewan McGregor look in the new Belstaff campaign??!! Crazy hot. Like throw your panties on the stage hot.

HELLO EWAN MCGREGOR!!! My how you’ve grown. From Trainspotting to Lord of the Manor. LOVE.

Check out this really cool brand:


I fully embrace the holidays, and I’m a Wasp, so that means I say yes to zany, cute pants! I think I will get these for my hubby (see below) and make him wear them. Hey, he wore the red shorts with dogs all over them that I got him!



 I also love a man in a vest. Not really sweater vests. More the outdoorsy vest so they look like they are about to go duck hunting or exploring the rugged terrain, or something very manly like that.

I like this green one from Tommy Hilfiger (it’s on sale). And they also have a very groovy quilted blue one:



Okay, you can thank me now – I have been on the search for the BEST fitting, most comfortable, flattering, cool t-shirt for men. And I’m sorry – James Perse is over-priced and for posers!! THIS is the shirt. From Nordstrom. $30 for two. Make SURE you look for the code to enter so you really get the deal. They make it difficult (so annoying)! This shirt is sooooo soft and has a great fit.


Last but certainly not least, I am taking y’all back to the gentlemen days when real men wore bowties! My grandpa wore them and my dad had a fab plaid set he would wear for the holidays. Now your guy can look super spiffy too!