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It’s fall. Yeah…I know. Did you have a great summer? I hope so! Maybe you enjoyed all the summer treats – BBQ, ice cream and other delicacies. Maybe you never achieved that beach body you wanted. And now you are going into fall with some extra pounds. Uh-oh. No worries! Valerie Orsoni can help you! She is giving away a FREE 3-MONTH MEMBERSHIP to some lucky winners! See below to enter.

 Valerie is helping hundreds of thousands of real people without the gym, without a fancy expensive pre-packaged food, without spending a ton of money. The site, which is a PERSONALIZED coaching program, is about $20 per month – less than a gym membership to the cheapest gym in town. The program is tailored to the individual, with daily exercises, recipes, nutrition advice AND best of all, you can ask your trainer any question, whenever you want and you will get an answer, just for you.

Meet VALERIE ORSONI. Entrepreneur. Cancer survivor. World-renowned trainer. Best-selling author. Celebrity coach. Nutritionist. Mom. Valerie is a major inspiration to the over one million members on her site www.LeBootCamp.com. She overcame a brain tumor to turn her life into a successful career helping and inspiring others.

 As an overweight teen, Valerie tried over 40 diet programs. None worked. She learned everything she could on the subject of fitness and nutrition and now has success stories from people around the world who have benefited from her knowledge. Growing up in Corsica, there was no gym. And nobody went and did an hour workout. Instead, you created a healthy lifestyle that incorporated exercise throughout your day and you ate delicious, healthy food. No fast food in sight. Now Valerie would love to help you achieve your own health goals.

Here is Valerie’s personal story about her struggle as a teen:

“My struggles with my weight, and my successful journey to discovering a balanced approach to life, food, and body image, is what inspired me to build a coaching empire focused on healthy living,” says Valerie. “I have a passion for health and I believe that everybody deserves to feel great in their own skin.  Be kind to your body.  You can do it!”

“92 percent of the women in Valerie’s program have lost an average of 26 pounds

–and never regained it!”- Dr. Oz Garcia

Do you want to try Le Boot Camp? We are giving away a three month membership! Just fill out the form below. Good luck!

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