Hi Ladies!

I hope the week is going splendidly wonderful for you all. I myself am doing great except for the ridiculous things I have to endure on tv, in the news, etc. So I am stepping up on my pink soapbox and shaking my fists at how morally lame people can be.

Here’s what I just read on the newswire:
INFIDELITY WEBSITE WANTS CHEATING MINER: Most of the rescued Chilean miners are figuring out how much their story is worth to journalists, but one appears to have extra financial opportunities: Yonni Barrios, the miner with the audacity to invite both his wife and his mistress to greet him when he left the mine, has been invited to be the new face of Ashley Madison, the website that helps married people have affairs. The Daily Mail says the company has offered Barrios $100,000, but there’s a catch—he has to remain married to his wife; otherwise, he won’t be cheating anymore. Barrios has been married for 28 years.

Now I ask you ladies, What the Hell Has come of this World??? We live in a society where it is okay to be single, it’s okay to have domestic partners, it’s okay to be a single mom. You do NOT HAVE TO GET MARRIED!!! So I ask you fellow females, why the hell would someone be or stayed married if all they are going to do is cheat?? What’s the point? Convenience? A little wife at home and a vixen at the office? If you want to be a playboy (or playgirl), then go be one. And stop torturing these poor women who actually take a vow to commit to you, you stupid slob.

I swear men have the most fragile egos I have ever seen. They constantly need attention and reassurance that they are wonderful. And many, who are spineless and weak, need to go out and seek some seedy satisfaction from another woman because they just can’t seem to Man-up. And DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED on the media. Ashley Madison – you whore!!! Glorifying cheating? You may as well go incinerate some puppies or smack some babies around. Why hasn’t anyone headed up a campaign against this trash? I can’t believe the Born Agains and the religious fanatics have not blown their top on this. Sure, they are extremely annoying and eye-rolling crazy, but I was counting on them to at least bring some attention to the obvious fact that it is gross.

So many are making money at being bad. And now this miner who was a complete nobody is going to make a fortune (100 grand is definitely a fortune in Chile) just because he let his penis do the walking. I am So over it. (sigh)

Anyone else feel the same way??