Hi ladies!

I never thought I would be dealing with infertility problems. I am healthy and always had a regular, normal period. In fact, my gynecologist told me when I was 18 that my system was perfectly set up for kids! (It was a little creepy hearing that at 18, but I never forgot it). I never had endometriosis and both sides of my family are baby-making machines. Of course, when you wait till you’re 41 to start trying (not my fault, I waited for the right guy!), things can get tricky.

So here I am, along with thousands of other women who are going through a similar rocky, horrific, depressing, difficult journey. It can be hard to remain hopeful and it is hard to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Infertility is not an exact science and every woman’s body is different, so what works for one woman does not work for all, which sucks.

I hope you will watch my videos and that they might help you. You are not in this alone and you are not stupid for trying to get pregnant when your age, doctors, friends, and society tells you it’s nearly impossible. You are in control of your body in the end (eventhough, with all of these fertility drugs it doesn’t feel like it). Here’s my latest video:


I would love to hear your story. Please share. It will help others and certainly make me happy!!!!

Bon chance my infertile friends!