Hi Healthy Ladies!

You may recall that I mentioned that I am doing acupuncture to try to get pregnant. It is quite an experience. It is unconventional for sure, and to make it even more “out there,” the place I go to, The Tao of Wellness, also specializes in Chinese medicine and incorporates that into the treatment. We’ll get into that later.

In addition to the acupuncture and the Chinese herbs, I must be on a diet that is “fertility-friendly.” This means no sugar, caffeine or alcohol. They are inflammatories and that is bad for the follicles. Who knew. The diet is pure hell. I thought the alcohol would be the most difficult to give up (I love my red wine), but you know what? The sugar has been the evil thorn in my side. I had no idea how much I loved sugar and I had no idea how many foods are loaded with sugar until I was forbidden to eat it. Of course, I can have natural sugar from fruit but they frown upon any other sugars, even honey or Stevia. I can have those in miniscule amounts. Lucky me.

Let’s start with the challenge of breakfast shall we? Coffee? Hell no. No caffeine for these ovaries. The day hasn’t even started and it sucks. Let’s move right ahead to the food. I am a big fan of oatmeal in the fall. It’s warm and cozy and it makes me think of Oliver Twist when he walks up with his porridge bowl and says “please sir, can I have some more?” I now know how little Oliver feels because it seems that everything I would like to eat is forbidden. I take out of my cupboard this delicious instant oatmeal that I get at Whole Foods. I look at the back. 18 grams of sugar per serving!! Holy grains Batman! That’s a boatload of sugar. I sadly put the packet back in the cupboard.

It looks so sad without jam

No Oliver! It has sugar!

My second favorite breakfast is an English muffin with some butter and jam. The muffin is okay – 1 gram of sugar. Check. But the jam? It has 12 grams of sugar for 1 tablespoon. Crap. I REALLY can’t eat an English muffin without the jam. It’s just not right.

Mmmm..yummy sugary jam!

Next idea is the delicious Fage yogurt. It looks innocent enough. Low fat and everyone knows yogurt is healthy. But this little serving has 17 grams of sugar. Ugh. Of course, it is because of the strawberry flavoring. Yes, I hear you. I could eat PLAIN yogurt. Yuck. No thanks.

The biggest offender – naughty, evil DELICIOUS syrup!

Just out of curiosity, I check out the organic frozen waffles in my freezer. Sugar is not bad – 5 grams for 2 waffles. But of course, me being the sweety that I am, I would need some syrup on these beauties and do you know how much sugar is in syrup?? Brace yourself – 53 GRAMS FOR 4 TABLESPOONS! Wow. I should just go straight to crack. I remember seeing so many parents give their kids pancakes for breakfast. You may as well give them a package of Skittles. Sugar heaven.

What’s that you say? Eggs? Well yes I thought about them. But I like to have my eggs in the old school style – with toast and bacon and who has time for that on a workday? I don’t. I have done a quickie version that isn’t bad. Here it is:

Take 2 eggs and put in a coffee mug. Scramble with whisk. Add a little milk and some parmesan and salt and pepper. Microwave on high for 45 seconds. Stir and then microwave for 45 seconds more. It’s pretty good and easy.

No sugsr here – Eggcelent!!

And sure, I could have some fruit. But I like my carbs. I’m just that kinda gal.

Lastly, there is good old fashioned cereal.  I love Corn Pops and Lucky Charms but we all know those have just a little sugar in them (haha). I like healthy  cereals too and I just happen to have some Life cereal in my possession. Sugar? 8 grams per serving. Not too bad.

Therefore, to sum up my friends, I can have an English muffin with a teensy weensy bit of jam, some eggs, or from time to time, cereal. I suppose that isn’t the worst thing in life.

I’m exhausted and that was just planning out breakfast. I can’t wait to talk about lunch!!