Hi hot Ladies!

Check out those thighs – damn!

Too much attention is paid to breasts don’t you think? I myself am going to pay homage to the thigh. A thick, Beyonce-style, kick-ass, juicy and delicious thigh!


Ha! I had you going there didn’t I? I would love you ladies to try cooking some chicken thighs for a change. We all grab the healthy breasts at the supermarket and lord knows, L.A. is WAY obsessed about breasts. But what about the humble thigh? It has way more flavor than the breast since it has a bone and it is cheap, cheap CHEAP! And it’s healthy too. So grab some thighs and whip this simple delicious dish up tonight!

PRESSED CHICKEN with Rosemary and Garlic

You will need:

6-8 small chicken thighs – skin on (come on, just do it!)

8-10 cloves of garlic (you can use less. I would use more. I LOVE garlic. I want to swim in garlic. I want to marry garlic).

2 large twigs of rosemary – leaves plucked off and lightly chopped

1 TBSP olive oil

½ tsp crushed red pepper

I tsp grated ginger

1 lemon

Salt and pepper

Fresh parsley


In a large bowl, mix chicken thighs with garlic, rosemary, oil, red pepper, ginger and salt and pepper to taste. Place in Ziploc and put in fridge for an hour or more if you like.

Heat a large skillet on high heat with 1 TBSP olive oil.  When hot (about 2 minutes), place chicken skin side down in skillet and scoop any remaining garlic and bits from bowl into skillet. If you want more rosemary flavor, you can put a whole sprig in the pan as well. Place a second skillet on top of the chicken and put 3 heavy cans on top (I use pureed tomatoes). Press down and make sure the chicken has good weight on it.

Cook on medium high for 10 minutes.

Then remove cans and skillet and turn chicken over. Stir around to get all the good bits up from the pan. Squeeze lemon over chicken and add fresh chopped parsley. Stir.

Replace top skillet and cans and cook for another 6-7 minutes.


I could not believe how fast, easy and delicious this was and my husband went nutty for my thighs!