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A Brutally Honest Romantic…

By María Soledad Méndez, Staff Writerentertainment_two_books

As a woman I have to be honest: Many single women strive looking for “a good man”. Not all of them. But it is fair and valid to dream of getting married to your soul mate. Following the words of Lindsley Lowell, author of “My Knight In Shining Armor Is Coming… He’s Just Stuck In Traffic”, this is definitely not a book for non-believers in this kind of matter. With a very light and common language, Lindsley describes her own experience in the quest of her current husband (she got married after 35, so it wasn’t so easy for her either).

Her sarcasm and humor don’t ruin the tone of innocence and pure mind of her prose. Balanced doses of realism and hope combineMy Knight in Shining Armor is Coming.. He's just stuck in Traffic offering relief to heartbrokenness, optimism to the skeptical and self-esteem to mediocrity.

Almost like a diary, her thoughts pour out with no shame or fear, just like a best friend at the end of a bad day tells you: “Yes, life sucks and he is a complete idiot for not realizing how great you are. So forget about him and let’s go for a night cap!

A comprehensive online dating guide is displayed on chapter 15. Categorizing the man inventory in a very specific way seemed to me very handy, especially for working women who don’t wish to lose their time, even though her overall conclusion about this method is that it sucks!

“This story is for those hopeless, romantics out there, God help us all. Wretched, sorry souls who, like me, go through life knowing in our hearts that true love does exist” it’s the tenet that precedes this brutally honest romantic book.

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