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A Brutally Honest Romantic…

By María Soledad Méndez, Staff Writerentertainment_two_books

As a woman I have to be honest: Many single women strive looking for “a good man”. Not all of them. But it is fair and valid to dream of getting married to your soul mate. Following the words of Lindsley Lowell, author of “My Knight In Shining Armor Is Coming… He’s Just Stuck In Traffic”, this is definitely not a book for non-believers in this kind of matter. With a very light and common language, Lindsley describes her own experience in the quest of her current husband (she got married after 35, so it wasn’t so easy for her either).

Her sarcasm and humor don’t ruin the tone of innocence and pure mind of her prose. Balanced doses of realism and hope combineMy Knight in Shining Armor is Coming.. He's just stuck in Traffic offering relief to heartbrokenness, optimism to the skeptical and self-esteem to mediocrity.

Almost like a diary, her thoughts pour out with no shame or fear, just like a best friend at the end of a bad day tells you: “Yes, life sucks and he is a complete idiot for not realizing how great you are. So forget about him and let’s go for a night cap!

A comprehensive online dating guide is displayed on chapter 15. Categorizing the man inventory in a very specific way seemed to me very handy, especially for working women who don’t wish to lose their time, even though her overall conclusion about this method is that it sucks!

“This story is for those hopeless, romantics out there, God help us all. Wretched, sorry souls who, like me, go through life knowing in our hearts that true love does exist” it’s the tenet that precedes this brutally honest romantic book.

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Single Women are Looking for Love, but is Their Wish for a “Knight in Shining Armor” a Fairy Tale? | Article by LA Story

Single women are constantly asking themselves “Why am I still single?” Author and dating expert (based on her own experiences) Lindsley Lowell set out to answer this question in her new book and inspire single women to have the self-esteem, courage, conviction and guts to believe that true love is still out there for them and not to settle.

My Knight in Shining Armor is Coming.. He's just stuck in TrafficIn a society that tells us that women over 35 are like discounted last season’s fashions, this book is a shining beacon that shows– through the author’s own story of heartbreak and triumph and many hilarious stories–that we can, and will, endure. The book gives women the ammunition to say “Up Yours” to all the nay-sayers and skeptics who tell us that we will not find “the one.” All women DESERVE true love. No question.

Lindsley Lowell has done her time (and then some) searching for the right man and kissing a lot of frogs in the process.

“I had so many ridiculous experiences and such an enormous variety of men emailing me that I had to compile the information and believe me, it was like a second job. I did this for research. My quest for love turned into a lab experiment. I was Jane Goodall watching the chimps, and I was amazed, mystified (and at times horrified) at what these animals did. I documented it so that one day, I could tell the world and they wouldn’t call me insane. I had so much information that it filled an entire binder and I decided to put the online suitors into categories. The first and most important category -the men who met my criteria and might be possible future dates, was incredibly small and limited, like exotic birds, rare and flighty. The other categories were more like the domesticated dog – so many of them that the shelters were overflowing and most of them might not find homes. Men compared to dogs? Yeah, I know you’ve never heard THAT before.”

Lindsley Lowell’s Tips for finding Mr. Right: wtnh.com

Lindsley Lowell’s Tips for Finding Love:

Don’t listen to friends and family telling you that you are too picky or that you won’t find the guy. You will. Do not listen to your mind that tells you that guy is good on paper. Only listen to your heart.

Be prepared with fun or insightful oneliners for those most annoying questions. Someone asks “Why are you still single?” Answer back “I won’t be for much longer.” or “True love takes time. If it were easy, we would all be in love.” Or “I don’t know but I’d rather be single than in a miserable relationship.”

Don’t wait for a guy to buy you flowers or pamper you. Go get a massage. Buy some sexy lingerie. Don’t wait to use your nice china or buy a nice piece of furniture. Putting your life on hold will frustrate and depress you.

Be careful about ranting too much to friends and family. You need to get rid of your frustration and anger. Go work out. Write down why you are happy being single right now.

Single women are taught to be embarrassed that they are looking for a man. They are called “needy” and “desperate.” It is the most natural thing in the world to want to be loved and to love. Let people know. On a date with a guy who doesn’t want a commitment–tell him to grow up!

Have your answers ready for questions like “Why are you still single?” or “Do you think you’re too picky?” Memorize answers so you are prepared.

Get rid of catty, competitive friends along with smug married friends who undermine your self-esteem.

Be wary of married men both in life and online.

Online can work. You need to be realistic, open-minded (be picky but not nit-picky) and have a TON of patience!

Buy this book on Amazon.com

Why buy it? Give it as a gift to yourself and your single girlfriends. HONEST! I actuallly KNOW Lindsley and I know that finding a good man in So. California can be a real challenge. She does put a funny spin on things yet her advice is pretty sound. You will giggle and make sure you read the entire book because there is some seriously delish dish on celebrities in this book. (If you hang around in this town long enough, you meet a celebrity –or two or more– and you find that they can be deflating.)

About the author:

Lindsley Lowell is a girl about town and a former “career dater”. Her experiences of dating in a sea of mediocrity were both hilarious and tragic, she felt forced to create an anthology of these events and share them with other women. Lindsley represents many women: an educated, attractive career-driven woman who tries to walk the line between the independent modern woman and the hopeless romantic who believes in the “Knight in Shining Armor and true love”. Think of Lowell as a “romance novelist meets frontline war journalist” when it comes to reporting on life and love. Lindsley has had her own family and friends tell her she should lower her standards to find someone. If she can ignore them and still insist on true love, so can other women.

Lindsley has long served as “resident dating counselor” for her many friends – all highly effective and affected people. Her community has always admired her for her brutally honest, no-nonsense advice and approach to relationships.

Lindsley’s career as a publicist in New York and Los Angeles spans 13-plus years, but her true passion is writing. In 2011, she founded www.Ladiesinthepink – a site for women to share, inspire, create and laugh. She has contributed to Malibu Magazine and 944 Magazine.

She lives in California with her knight in shining armor and her dog Miss Winnie.

Have to say I love the book. It’s truly the voice, tone and vocal nuances translated into writing. I can HEAR her saying the words. I know her well enough to hear it in her writing. It’s not for sob sisters. It’s not for those who want to wash their hands of men. In fact, she delivers solid ideas that are worth PONDERING.

Stevie Wilson,

To view this article in full, please visit LA Story’s original article: Single Women are Looking for Love but Is Their Wish for a “Knight in Shining Armor” a Fairy Tale?