Hi ladies!

This week seems to be flying by!

Thanks to my success in online dating, I have several friends who have now thrown caution to the wind and are looking for love online. It is true that I found my knight in shining armor on Match.com, but I do give a GINORMOUS warning label with my fairy tale, since I had to go through major drama, trauma and a whole bunch of freaks and frogs. This is all documented in my book (see below. Please buy it. I think you’ll like it!). Guiltily, I confess that I am so happy that I do not have to ride the online dating rollercoaster anymore. I think I have enough stories for a few hundred years! I pass the torch of patience to all you single ladies!

Anyhoo, a few of my friends have been kind enough to share their online email correspondence with me and lord almighty honey child, there are some whackadoos online! It’s nice to know that it is still a freak show. It can be highly entertaining if you have a good attitude. (It IS HARD, I know ladies, but stick with it. There are some good guys in that pile of doodoo).

So I will be sharing with you some real emails from the front lines, courtesy of my brave friends.

Here is one my friend just received yesterday from some guy:

You sound nice, look great, and seem to have your head screwed on straight. In other words, you’re 99th percentile, hahaha.

I agree with your attitude and modus operandi regarding being picky but not letting it control your life. It’s good to be aware of the compromises between goal-oriented seeking, and enjoying life before the sought goal is reached. Most people with similar views explain it as enjoying the journey toward the goal, but I have a different spin on it and suspect you do too.

Right now I’m seeing someone exclusively as far as meeting others, but not as far as contacting others. Despite the lack of conflicts or setbacks, she’s appearing less and less likely to become the one for the long haul. Indifferent is not a word that applies to me very often, but whether to break up sooner vs later in a spot like this always baffles me a bit. As long as nobody gets hurt, it balances pretty equally between more quickly moving on with the seeking, versus enjoying a good, albeit temporary, thing for longer. It is probably time for the “Seeing as this isn’t going to last for years, would you prefer sooner rather than later?” discussion. I haven’t had one of those discussions in 15 years, and don’t especially look forward to it.

Well, that’s TMI about me.

Now, an easy question for you, which I have learned to ask of all serious pet owners. To what extent do your pet-care duties impact your ability to go out, go away overnight, over a weekend, or on vacation? I’m shocked at the number of pet owners who can’t spend longer than a normal workday away from their house, and who think it is extraordinary to have to come up with arrangements to handle a night or weekend away from their pet.


Holy two-timer Batman! This guy already has a woman and is trolling online for something better. AND he is brazen enough to admit it! Morals anyone? It’s like the married guy who says he can’t sleep with anyone but can flirt like crazy and play the field – WRONG my friend. I feel sorry for whomever this woman is that is calling this guy her man, probably telling her friends how great he is. Oy vay. Plus, the pet comment at the end is just the icing on the cake. Needless to say, my friend did not respond to this sleazeball. NEXT!

Don’t forget to get a copy of my book ladies!!