Hi Ladies!

Am I the only one in the nation that is just so doggone sick of rude, ill-mannered people? I’m no poster child for the Book of Manners, but I try to at least have some common decency and know that shouting instead of talking, letting people OUT of places before you go in (elevators, stores, etc.), holding door for person behind you, and saying Please and Thank You are bare bones tools that keep us from being savages. So WHY oh WHY does most of the GP not know this crap?

Perhaps beacause I was brought up in Boston, attending an old proper school for young ladies that has made me hyper aware of how rude people are today. I doubt our forefathers thought that screaming, name-calling and back-stabbing would be the future but here it is.

I was at an event for my husband’s fraternity this past weekend, and as he was at the microphone trying to give out awards, the young college kids would not shut the hell up. Even at my table, the kids were talking as if there was nothing going on. I was so embarrassed for my husband, I leaned over and asked them to please be quiet. “Please. That is my husband speaking,” I said. The young man next to me apologized and seemed sincere. The two young ladies (I have a better word for them, but I will not use it), took offense to my request and whispered mean comments about me under their breath. WTF??!! I was not brought up that way. Who is this next generation of A-holes? I was taught that if someone was speaking, you shut the hell up. Doesn’t matter how boring or inconvenient it may be. I think the best rule is to imagine that you are up there speaking. How would you like it if nobody cared?

We went back to the hotel and I had such an upset stomach. I was both very sad that these kids were so awful and also so angry for my husband that he was treated so badly during his speech. I was fuming. I hated those kids. How can they be inspired not to be like this? What makes them this way?

At the very least, we should be able to say “Please” and “thank you,” yet most people don’t even know how to say it. I think they either think they are entitled or they look weak by saying these simple things. I truly believe that – as if their saying “Please” sounds like begging. When did this word get twisted into such a bad thing? I don’t see the harm in saying these simple words. They can’t be said enough, in my opinion. We are so lax on proper etiquette. Check out what our predecessors had to deal with:


And what’s with the bullying?? I never experienced anything like this in my life and can’t imagine how this is emotionally damaging our kids. God help me if I’m a parent someday, because if I have ANYTHING close to bullying near my child, I’m going to turn into Morgan Freeman in “Lean On Me” and take down the system. I have a very simple theory for why there is so much bullying at schools and why it seems that adults as well are just plain rude. Our moral fabric has been completely ripped apart simply because:


That’s it. If you let people run around in their underwear, and everyone else does, then voila, you are going to have a sea of bras and panties. We have things like traffic lights, policemen, judges, etc. for a reason. Perhaps they annoy us at times and are sometimes corrupt and don’t do the right thing, but without checks and balances, it will be chaos and we will be animals. Ripping each other’s heads off. And we are already halfway there.

I am just stunned about the bullying situation. My own niece has had run-ins with “mean girls” at school. When my sister discussed this with her teacher at the private school that she was paying a fortune to give her kid the best, the teacher simply said “What bullying?” Denial, denial. Teachers are afraid to do anything because we have taken away their rights to act. If they discipline a kid, they could be sued by a parent. Back in the day, teachers had ALL the rights. They could kick a kid out of class, put them in the corner, even slap them with a ruler (not my idea of good discipline, but proves my point how different it is today).

I have another friend whose child was bullied so much in the tony private school in Bel-Air that they almost had to go to court. The daughter would come home from school with feces in her backpack thanks to those little bitches otherwise known as classmates. It’s disgusting what they get away with. And of course, how do you think these kids get these bad manners? Yup. Mom and Dad. One of the moms at this same Bel-Air school apparently won’t let her child have playdates with any kid who wears fake Uggs and has her child take inventory of what designer clothes and shoes her classmates have. Are you kidding me??

We let people cut in front of us. We let kids kick the back of our seats on the airplane. We stand and watch as someone is rude to a clerk or counter person at the mall, or the grocery store. Why doesn’t anyone say anything? Because we have become a “It’s Not My Business” society. If it’s not happening to us, we don’t give a shit. This is so wrong. If a building was burning and you saw some kids hanging out the second floor window screaming for help, would you do nothing? Well, let me tell you everyone, here is your wake up call – our moral foundation is crumbling right before our very eyes.

I know it’s so easy for me to say DO SOMETHING and I myself am totally guilty of doing some bad manners moves myself. I have cut people off while driving, I have been impatient with slow waiters, I have scowled at loud children. Nobody is perfect. What I am saying is that when you see a situation that is BEYOND inappropriate, you could do something.

If we were to stand up for others when we see wrongdoing, I guarantee you we could make some change happen. We need some strong women to go out there and kick some bully butt – are you with me ladies???