I will be doing my Free Fridays giveaway tomorrow because…well… I wanted to write about something else and I am blonde and I had a crazy day, so there!

So let’s talk about some fun stuff shall we?

Let's play ball??!!


Hoochie Hoops –

As if men didn’t need another distraction, what with the Girls on Trampolines on the Man Show, Burlesque shows popping up everywhere, all of the lovely porn options on the internet, celebrities going around with no underwear flashing their coochie….now there’s this:

Lingerie Basketball

Women’s sports already don’t get the credit they deserve. And this just could be the nail in the coffin. You think guys are going to be watching their footwork and slam-dunks? Hell no! Gives a whole new meaning to the word “Boob Tube.”  I bet Maya Moore is ready to hurl. Hoop there it is! Oh my oh my oh my!

Molson\’s Animee

Is that REALLY a unicorn and rainbows? Geeeezzzz

And, I’m not sure why us women can’t just enjoy a nice G&T or glass of wine or a scotch and ginger (my fave in the winter) just like the guys. Apparently, unbeknownst to me, we need a drink. A pink drink. Because now that Sex & the City is over, Cosmos are no longer the pink drink that it was. I just may have to try this, eventhough it looks like a white trash wine cooler and sounds like a bad porn star name. Animee? Oh bitch puhleeze!

AND, on the topic of more things we don’t need….

“Nicole Richie is getting her own TV judging role on NBC’s upcoming “Fashion Star.” Sources said Richie, who founded clothing and accessories lines Winter Kate and House of Harlow 1960, will join show mentor Jessica Simpson and host Elle Macpherson on the program, where aspiring designers compete for a multimillion-dollar contract for their line to be carried at major retailers.”

Why this is lame – a celebrity does not a fashion designer make. Kinda goes with the above about the lenient use of the term “expert.”

Why this is a good thing: New unknown designers will get some media awareness and a break. So overall I give it the pink thumbs up!). I love you Jessica – you are talented. Nicole – you really have no talents whatsoever besides being able to look like an emaciated, hippie has been most of the time. You never had me at Hello. Your father is really over too. Just so you know.

And on the topic of annoying women…

My friend watched a show last night where Tori Spelling and her husband Dean were interviewed asking if they think the fact that their kids’ personal lives and faces are all over TV and in people’s living rooms is going to cause any problems when they grow up. “OF COURSE NOT!” they squealed. Meanwhile, little Liam refused to wear the Charlie Chaplin hat for a photoshoot and the GREAT parents proceeded to negotiate with the kid on what they needed to buy him in order for him to wear the damn hat. Hmmm… I’m sure he won’t be affected AT ALL. Sounds like the perfect childhood to me! (eye rolling, gagging and general nausea should be done here). See you in therapy Liam!

I am so cool!


And to leave on a high note, back to pink, I put pink in my hair!!! And no, not a fake extension or hairpiece. And no, not hot pink like the singer PINK or any other punk rocker. I put PERMANENT light pink highlights in my hair! And you know what? It ROCKS! It’s fun and sassy but still sophisticated and subtle. Why didn’t I do this like 10 years ago??!! I predict that I will be imitated many times, just like when Kate Middleton copied my dress. Oh the imitators….sigh….