Hello Dancing Ladies!

The S Factor Ladies went on a field trip! Sort of – We were invited to a bar called Sutra where some of the S Factor instructors would be doing a little performance. I can’t remember the last time I went to a club! I invited one of my girlfriends and we got ready. I saw one of my classmates arriving ahead of me. She is hard to miss with her long flowing blonde hair and tremendous boobs. They are quite something. I walk up and say Hi and she just looks at me with a blank stare. I guess I look a little different at night, with my hair done and makeup on. She recognizes me after a minute or two thank goodness.

We walk into the club and it is pretty dead at 9 p.m. I may be old but I do remember that in my cool days, I wouldn’t be caught dead in a club before 11. But that is the time they told us to come, and we were there for the S Factor people, not the club-goers. We looked around and did not see any S Factor ladies or poles anywhere. We continued to walk around the massive club and found, around the corner, tucked far away, in an area as big as a cubby hole, the S Factor ladies. They were shoved in a corner and it was pretty cramped. Not exactly what we were expecting. NOBODY puts baby in a corner!

Go S Factor Ladies!!

I saw my instructor and said hello. She told us that the club basically screwed them over. They were supposed to be on the main stage and have 4 poles up. But then there was a fashion show scheduled so they were ousted and thrown into a corner for their demo. They made the best of it and I’m glad my friend got to see what they could do. Eventhough they were professional instructors, it showed some of the great skills that I can also do on the pole and it was cool to watch. It was pretty hilarious watching the guys fall all over themselves trying to see over the crowd to get a peek at these spectacular women. By the way, they were in demure black tank tops and black booty shorts and fun feather tutus. Barefeet, no heels. S Factor is classy people. The trashy 20-somethings at the club were dressed way more slutty than any S Factor girl.

We stayed a bit longer and danced on the dance floor just to say we did it. Everyone was under 30. Whatever. Being on the floor was just plain fun. They played a REALLY old 80s song and all of the kids on the dance floor were looking at each other like “Whhhhhaaaaat?” but my friend and I were jamming, reliving our youth.

I went to my pole dancing class on Sunday. I am in Level 3!!! Huzzah!!!

I missed last week because I was in Maine stuffing my face with lobster. So I was a bit wary about going to class being very rusty. The class is only once a week and missing just one class at this point can leave you feeling out of the game.

We started the warm up differently with cat prowls. Very cool. I like that the warm up is being mixed up. We also do a stretch where we try to do a split. Mine is far from a full split but a hellavu lot better than when I started this whole experience.

We learn a new move where we throw our body forward and snake around the pole. I can’t remember the name of this trick because I probably blocked it out since I don’t think it will ever be in my repertoire. It is brutal! The inside of my left arm burns as it is scraped along the pole. If only I didn’t have this extra arm fat! I know I will have a huge black and blue. HUGE. The instructor tells us we can put one of our kneepads on our arm to help it from bruising. I do. At this point, I feel like I need a knee pad on every part of my body. I can feel the left outside thigh also banging against the pole. Ouch. I can’t say that I like this move very much. Some women fly around the pole like a little beautiful butterfly. I am more of a dragonfly – bigger and maybe less graceful, but I get where I need to go. I give up on this trick and go back to the tricks I know and do well. I was in good form and working hard.

For our dance, I got to play the main song from “9 ½ weeks” – trying to branch out from my usual hip hop. The ladies loved the song and I was really into it. I freestyled a lot which the instructor is now encouraging more and more. I walked so well in my heels I couldn’t believe it!!

We left chatting away as we walked to our cars.

Yikes! This one will be hard to cover up.

The next day, I woke up with a MASSIVE black and blue under my arm. Lovely. I also have a black and blue on my leg. I look like I have been beaten up. Well, I have. This week, the pole won.