Hiya Ladies!

How goes it? I want to apologize for being so flakey on my site. I came out with my book so now I don’t have to write my blog right? WRONG!!!

I wanted to share with you some observations (a nice way of saying atrocities) that I found when reading some of the most popular magazines out there. You will see that some of my findings are very old, which only goes to show you that these magazines have been guilty of these crimes for a long time, and I don’t see it ending anytime soon:

I find most women’s magazines to be one of the most hypocritical things on the planet. They are supposed to help you look great and feel great, but usually leave most women feeling inadequate and weird. I understand that, for the most part, magazines are supposed to be aspirational as opposed to inspirational. Not many of us are going to look like Gisele Bundchen and the majority of us are not buying an entire new designer wardrobe every season. I have come to terms with this. But there are limits, my friends. There needs to be some yin and yang. It’s one thing to show us the pretty, expensive delights that we can buy, but it’s quite another to suggest, in a matter-of-fact style, that this is what we should be doing and thinking nothing of it. And then there is the commentary and ridiculous advice, especially on the men and relationship front. Some of the advice is downright squeamish. Let’s take a look:


I read tons of magazines. They are a guilty pleasure. But once finished, there are times that I feel like a loser, and the fact that I have to read these magazines as mandatory reading for work (I’m a publicist), is even more acid on the wound. I open one of this month’s issues. Their “must haves” for everyone who wants to be fabulous this spring season include the Gucci $2,100 bag, a pair of Christian Louboutins for about $700, and a simple Prada skirt for about $1,300. Okay. I’ll run right out and pick those up. Uh huh. These are MUST HAVES? How about my MUST Dos like mortgage payments and bills? Should I forget those and buy clothes instead? Who the HELL ARE these people who think it’s perfectly normal to drop $3,795 for that Judith Leiber clutch, or don’t break a sweat charging $8,000 for those fab crocodile boots? Perhaps 10% of the population? Do you know how long it takes people to save that kind of money? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE fashion. It’s a serious illness for me. You’ll find some Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton and Chanel in my closet. But these were purchases that I had to work my ass off for and try not to die from a serious guilt trip after buying. I’d rather shop than eat. If I were rich, I’d be the skinniest woman on the planet. Who needs potato chips or candy when you have Fred Segal, Neiman-Marcus and Nordstrom? Just ask my friends or family. They rarely see me in the same outfit more than a few times. It’s a running joke in my family. Do I ever stop shopping? My closets are overflowing, it’s true. Still, even though I have a little problem, many of my shopping sprees are spent at Macy’s and Nordstrom, not Chanel.

These mags offer page after page of expensive items. I know they have to please their advertisers – the high-end designers and fancy stores, but are these magazines being realistic about their audience? It seems to me that they devote perhaps one page out of every 30 to some reasonably priced items. And that gets me mad. Women like to dream and looking at the gorgeous, expensive clothes can be fun, but there has to be some reality in there. It’s like “Sex and the City” where Samantha was out buying Jimmy Choose every week. There is no way in hell she could afford that wardrobe with her newspaper columnist’s salary. Let’s get real. What do you think ladies? Tell me your thoughts. For now, I’ll go back to beating myself up that I can’t spend $20,000 on shoes and bags this season. Poor me.