Be careful, you could be worshipping the devil.

The news recently has been rather unappetizing for me, and I’m not talking about the economy or fatal car accidents or murder. I am talking about the disgusting behavior of our own people. When Penn State students walked the streets in demonstration for the support of Joe Paterno, I was mystified and miffed, to say the least. WTF people??!!

Best friends??

I understand that he is a legend in football. I understand that people look up to him and think he’s very talented and a nice guy, but I also understand that he helped cover up a MAJOR crime and let a pedophile stay in the employ of the university. We must look at this fact and act accordingly.

Is anyone here at Penn State really thinking this through?

It seems that most of the people at Penn State are in denial. At least, I want to believe they are in denial. Because if they are not in denial, then that means they don’t give a crap about the victims of Jerry Sandusky and just want to put their blinders on and think about Joe as a great football guy. What a sad, sad day my friends. Can you really separate the job a guy does with his morality? Should he be allowed to squeak by rules of ethics just because he has helped teams win games? I don’t think so. And if you were the mother or father of one of these poor children who have been molested by Sandusky, I doubt you would care about Joe’s football track record. Whether Joe Paterno is innocent or not, the investigation needs to happen and having him leave his post was the right thing to do. Jerry Sandusky knows what he did. Neither has been convicted yet but there is an alarming amount of evidence that points to guilt.  And it’s not just students who are brainwashed. Check out this:

A public opinion survey shows that 51 percent of Americans think Joe Paterno should have been fired, compared to 21 percent who thought he should have kept his job. However, Pennsylvanians feel the opposite. The survey — conducted by Global Strategy Group in conjunction with ESPN Research — showed that 45 percent of Pennsylvania residents think firing Paterno was the wrong decision, compared to 35 percent who said it was the right one.

Pennsylvania – you should be ashamed. Nothing will take back those children’s innocence and no amount of football wins will make it right.


Speaking of morality….

HERMAN CAIN – oh boy. This ship is going down faster than the Titanic. Again, he has not been convicted yet, but if you have half a brain and look at the evidence, it doesn’t look so good for Hermy. But you know what? Many people still support him and think it’s no big deal. Huh? I can bet you that if it were your daughter or you that was being harassed by Mr. Cain, you would not be so blasé.

Shouldn’t someone’s moral fiber be a reflection of their personality? After the boy who cried wolf did it too many times, no one believed him, so should we trust that Herman will be respectful towards women with all this evidence? I don’t think so. Call me crazy, but I have a feeling that soon the evidence against Herman will prove to be true and he will be out of the race. But what do I know??!!

And a special thanks to Bill Clinton for making a tawdry, tacky, low-class and unprofessional affair acceptable in the White House. He was impeached for lying, not for conducting a sordid affair in his office. His ratings are still fine.

A hero or a jerk?

Lastly, not to pick on a dead man, but have you read the bios on STEVE JOBBS? Sure, he did incredible things in the world of technology. I am not denying or dismissing that, but did you know that he was a mean guy? Do you know he abandoned his first child for years? Do you know how many people he burned to get ahead?

I know nobody’s perfect and to nitpick people is wrong. No one can be amazing in all areas of their life, but that being said, it’s a fine line between accepting and acknowledging someone’s evil side and dismissing or ignoring those things altogether.

I hope we all can look at people as a whole and take into account ALL of the aspects of their life, including their moral fiber before we go and put them on a pedestal and idolize them. We will make judgments much better if we do and avoid having bad people in positions of power.