Hi trendy ladies!

Have you seen Christina’s new purple locks? Pretty cool huh? Think she’s cutting edge? Well, I have been wearing colored extensions for a year!

Oh yeah. You can’t open a magazine without seeing vibrant, bright hair color. It’s everywhere! No longer reserved for punks and twenty-somethings trying to be edgy. Purple, red, pink, blue. The best part is that it looks fantastic on all ages.

I have long loved pink (we all know this). So when I went to my S Factor class (yes, I take pole dancing) and saw this gorgeous blonde with long, beautiful hair that had every color in it, including PINK, I almost fainted. She looked like My Little Pony! I fawned all over her and she told me that they were extensions and that she is the expert in hair extensions. Here was a woman with many bright colors in her hair and she looked chic and beautiful. She didn’t look weird or like she was trying to look younger. She just looked like a HONEY BADGER BADASS. Well.

Susie – you go girl!

I went home and could not stop thinking about that pink hair. I have spent this many years, incorporating pink into my life and I never dreamed that pink hair would be an option! It’s like Marilyn Monroe said when she discovered her first tiara “I love finding new places to wear diamonds!” I hear you Marilyn! I’m all about finding new ways to wear pink.

That colorful woman, Susie, and I became fast friends in pole class and I soon worked up the nerve to ask her to give me some pink. I went into Susie’s salon, Makin’ Waves in Huntington Beach. She put in about 10 pink pieces and voila – 15 minutes later, I had a whole new look. I went out into the world a new woman with a spunky, new attitude.

Since then, I have received tons of compliments on my pink hair. Susie does it subtly, so you might not notice at first but then people are like “Hold the phone?! is that pink hair??!!” Hell yeah it is!

Many people assume that my pink hair is my own and dyed. This is a compliment since they must look very natural. As you know, hair color can damage hair a lot and to get these bright colors to stay in hair, well, it’s a lot of processing. I already do blonde highlights. I don’t need anymore haircolor. Thanks to extensions, I don’t have to!

We just put in some purple for fun!

Colored extensions are genius, and I recommend you try this while it’s still a hot trend. Red highlights in black hair look amazing and blue in brown hair looks gorgeous. Plus, there is no damage – zero (as long as the extensions are done right). Sure, you hear horror stories about people having bald spots and breakage from extensions and that would suck. All I know is that I have been getting them from Susie for over a year and I have no damage. They go in and out easily with some super special tool she has. And I have baby fine hair, so if I can wear them with no damage, anyone can.

Think extensions are expensive? They’re only expensive when you get a lot. But if you just add a few pieces like I do, it’s about $50 and they last about 2 months.Oh, and they add body and fullness to your hair.

What are you waiting for? Go have some fun and get some color in that hair! And if you live in Socal, Susie has a salon in Huntington beach and in downtown L.A.  www.Makinwavescorp.com


Tell Susie I sent you!