I lied to you yesterday!!! I said that everything would be the same in the new year, but it’s not true. You have to excuse me – I was not trying to lie, I just blocked it out. You see, I have quite a predicament that will begin in January. My husband will be working from HOME! And, in case you didn’t know, I work from HOME!!!


When my husband first told me that his company was consolidating offices and that he and two other executives would be working from home, I did not take the news well. A look of sheer panic crossed my face and I screamed “WHAAAAAAAAAAAT??!!!” Looking back on this, I feel badly. I mean, it wasn’t his choice to work from home. It was forced upon him. I’m sure this was not what he had in mind either.

We have a nice office space in our home. It’s a nice long desk with file cabinets and drawers and bookcases.  When I moved in, I conveniently put my stuff next to his which was no big deal since his main office is at work and he used this office space rarely (he used to work from home and that’s why the office space was built in the first place). It was now my home office space. I worked from home before I moved in with the husband and loved it. Of course it was a transition but I quickly got used to working in the new office and soon, this home office felt like mine. All mine, until now.

I love my husband ladies. He is the most amazing guy, incredibly nice and charming and smart and well, he’s hot! But too much of a good thing can be bad. 24/7 with the husband? I’m hyperventilating just thinking about it. Who would want to spend all day and night with someone, no matter how wonderful they are? I can’t see why anyone would want me around 24/7. I may be great, but I know that my quirks and personality can get to someone after a while, just like their quirks can get to me. I looked forward to having my husband come home and us having dinner together, sharing our day’s activities. Now what do we talk about? We will know each other’s daily activities because we will be with each other. Won’t he get sick of me? Won’t I want to kill him after a week of this home office situation? Too much togetherness can definitely drive a couple apart.

Side by side with your husband? Does this look like fun??

I love having my own space. I used to hate it when I worked at a big office in New York and we had open cubicles and people could hear my every conversation – even commenting on some of my pitches to media. “Loved that pitch!” I might here. Ugh. I did not need people listening in on my life. The same goes for my husband, I am sorry to say. He has worked from home before once in a while, and those were long days for me. He might make a comment on something I said in a phone call and it drives me nuts. It’s a natural thing to do so I can’t blame him for doing it but I sure can be ticked off about it.

The other thing is that men are LOUD. They cough, clear their throat, move their chair around, and my husband sometimes likes to listen to music in the background – all things that put me on edge and distract me.  When my husband gets out of his chair, he springs himself forward, like a catapult, making a downright racket. Oh and then there are the times when he wants to talk to me in the middle of my writing. It’s my own fault. I am a control freak and I like to be the master of my own environment. I will now have to say “So long” to being the Captain of this ship.

I hope we don't end up like this!

“We can have lunch together!” my husband said enthusiastically. “We can walk Winnie together in the afternoon,” he offered. I felt bad giving my glum look. I already cook dinner for him. I can just see myself now having to make lunch for two.  I liked having lunch whenever I wanted, sitting at my desk, eating like a slob. I liked looking like crap most of the day, and then primping myself right before the hubby came home. Before, I would go about my day and do what I wanted, how I wanted because it was MY day. Now, it will be OUR day. Every day. Oh please lord, give me the strength.

I joked that he should find another work space since I was already there, but, as I mentioned, he had the office built because he once worked from home. So, you see, he was here first. Rats. We talked about my moving into the guest room. My old desk is in there anyways. But the room is small and there is little space between the bed and the desk, so we would have to move things around. We’ll see. While the look of panic was on my face, my husband told me to calm down and that we can take this new work situation day by day. I breathed deeply. That’s true.  I don’t have to freak out just yet. Do I? Of course, when telling my friends that my husband would be working from home as of Jan. 1st, they too had a look of panic on their face, so perhaps I am not being too overdramatic about being worried. One of my friends even said “You can call me anytime…even just to get out of the house.” Another said “Oh my God. DON’T wait. Move into the guest room immediately!!” Oh boy, this sure will be interesting.

But you know what ladies? I am going to go with the flow and we will figure it out. Because that’s what couples do. I’m sure I will have some interesting stories for you, so at least my suffering will be your entertainment.