Hello fabulous ladies!

I told my stories, now it’s your turn!!

One of the best things we have is the ability to share a good story and I know you have some good ones when it comes to dating and love! Whether it’s hilariously funny, agonizingly tragic, blissfully romantic or just plain fantastic, I want you to share it with me!

When I wrote my book, MY KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR IS COMING…HE’S JUST STUCK IN TRAFFIC, I had every woman in mind who has ever been on a bad date. And I particularly had in mind all of those single women out there who have found it difficult and downright depressing at times to find true love. You are not alone ladies. We are a community. We are alike. We can relate to each other.

Please leave a comment with a story about dating, love, or guys and I will post it!

I am counting on you to let other women out there know that we have all been there and we will be just fine, thank you very much.

So please write me!

Thank you!

And remember, true love exists! Keep the faith!