Do you ever have questions about health and fitness but don’t know who to ask? Sure you do! Thinking lately that your girlfriends may not be the authority on dieting (especially after one of their latest diet fads crashed and burned)? Maybe you’re not sure how to lose weight. Maybe you want to know what exercise is right for you. Maybe you need to know what foods to eat. Don’t you wish you had a source you really trusted to give you the right information? Now you do! Welcome to LeLab®, a great resource help center from Valerie Orsoni’s www.LeBootcamp.com website!

What’s LeLab® & How Does it Work?

With, LeLab®, you can ask direct, personal questions about health and fitness and you are GUARANTEED an answer by the experts. Valerie has compiled a leading team of experts in health, nutrition and fitness – from Dr. David Katz, the founding director of Yale’s Prevention Research Center, Tracey Mallett, the creator of Booty Barre and star of 20 home exercise DVDs, three time world Decathlon Champion Steve Kemp, and other amazing professionals who are the best in their fields.

Valerie got this body the right way – no fad diets and eating foods she loves!

Every day, there seems to be more information and claims on health topics like the latest fad diet, what to eat, what not to eat, how much to exercise, how often, what kind of exercise, superfoods, etc. Whew. It can be overwhelming and incredibly confusing.

The LeLab® section of the website has an interactive Q&A area where anyone can ask whatever health question is perplexing them – anything from nutrition, diet, exercise, fitness, health and beauty. Valerie has always been a big advocate of information-sharing and education. With LeLab®, she can reach even more people and help them navigate the vast world of health. People like you!

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The LeLab® experts are hand-picked by Valerie for their expertise and knowledge. These are people who are actively involved in the field and up to date on the latest studies and research.

Within 48 hours, you will have an answer. That’s it! And, there will be a library of topics as well, where you can read up on different subjects. Check them out here:


So who is Valerie Orsoni?

Valerie is the creator of the #1 online health coaching program –   WWW.LEBOOTCAMP.COM.  She is a cancer survivor. Mom. Author and over one million people are currently following her online health program.  She was also a former overweight teen, so she understands what it was like to struggle with weight. In her teen years, Valerie tried over 40 diet programs. None worked. She learned everything she could on the subject of fitness and nutrition and now has success stories from people around the world who have benefited from her knowledge. Growing up in Corsica, there was no gym. And nobody went and did an hour workout. Instead, you created a healthy lifestyle that incorporated exercise throughout your day and you ate delicious, healthy food. Click here to hear her talk about her program:


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