Hi ladies!

Are you ready to be sneaky and naughty? Yay!

There comes a time (or many) in a woman’s life when she will battle with her husband over decorating ideas. And most often, you may get a less-than-exuberant response to your passionate desire to change things around. I often want to change things around. I have only been married a year and a half, so I am still making the house ours and putting my touch on things. Before I arrived, the house looked nice, but was rather monochromatic and bland. I am here to jazz it up and my husband is scared to death!

Most men don’t like change. So, when you offer to change a room, paint a wall or anything like that, most likely, their response is NO. They are creatures of habit and likes things the way they are. Then, there is the cost. While you are looking through your Elle Décor and Architectural Digest and envisioning beauty and pleasure, your man is seeing dollar signs and debt. We must, ladies, understand their predicament. However, we must also DECORATE! It’s in our blood, our DNA.

My advice, dear ladies, is to JUST DO IT. Now, of course this advice comes with several disclaimers including:

  1. If your husband is a control freak and you have to run everything by him, redecorate your life by finding a new husband. 😉
  2. If your husband doesn’t care what you do and gives you free reign, you are ONE LUCKY LADY! Go hog wild!
  3. If your husband thinks his taste is better than yours, decide if it is or not and then decorate according to that. Light up beer signs, La-Z-Boy chairs and any nude women motif should be a clear sign that your taste is better.
  4. If your husband really wants to be involved, then let him but steer him into decisions quickly. Sometimes they are worse than women in deciding on stuff like this and your project could end up never happening.
  5. If you think your husband will have a shitfit if you change something without his knowing, then it’s probably not worth it – UNLESS you don’t mind having a sulking, annoying, brooding man around the house for a while. Perhaps you can redecorate and then take a cruise with friends while he licks his wounds. 😉
  6. If you are paying for it out of your own money, then you have more leeway. Just make sure you think he will like it. Otherwise, you may be wasting your hard earned cash.

My husband is in the middle of all of the above. He likes to be involved, but usually tries to avoid decorating projects, so I ask first, and then just do what I think is best. For large purchases, like our new dining room table, we shopped together, but I definitely was the leader in inspiration, concept and research.


Recently, I wanted to add some candle sconces to the wall in the den. I LOVE candles and there is no table or counter space for candles in there and it was driving me crazy. I showed my husband these lovely candleholders and he quickly replied, “We don’t need those. It’s too much stuff in here. It looks fine the way it is.” So, I said, “Well, I was going to buy them with my money so if I get them, will you put them up?” He looked at me anguished, which told me that he would do it. He didn’t like it, but he would do it. So, I ordered them.

Looks so nice at night lit up!

You know what? They look beautiful!! They bring nice warmth to the room and the husband admitted that they look really nice. Now he lights them all the time when we watch a movie. And, we get lots of compliments on them. So there you go.

For all the changes I have made, he has not complained yet, so I figure we have an unspoken agreement that I can do what I want…within reason.