My ladies!

How’s life today? Hectic? Wonderful? Exciting? Exhausting?

How about when your life is done – WHAT??!!

Tributes have been on my mind today. A friend just returned from San Francisco for a dear friend’s funeral service. The woman who died way too early and in a sudden way, was known for her event skills, creating magical experiences for people. In her honor, the weekend was filled with amazing events, including a hawk, chanting and a shahman. The speeches were incredible. Everyone was moved. I am so glad to hear this and hope that they felt they honored her properly.

How do you think you will be remembered? Small ceremony? Grand event? Will there be music? Flowers? I suppose we don;t think about these things until we are much older, but I think it is an interesting question of how you would want to be remembered. I, for one, would expect some pink, not overly pink, but nice pink. And I would want everyone to have some champagne on my behalf. Beyond that, I really don’t know. Maybe I want my ashes spread over the Eiffel Tower. But at the very least, I would hope to inspire people. This in itself, is such an incredible thing.

Is there anything better than champagne??

Pam emailed this to me today – it’s the most wonderful tribute. It’s fun, it’s beautiful, it’s natural, it’s epic. I think everyone should see this. It’s wonderful.

A Flash Mob Dance Video was organized by Kim MacGregor. Kim created this as a tribute to her best friend Erika Heller who died of colon cancer last year at age 31. Each and every telephone conversation they ever had, Erika would end by telling Kim “You’re an amazing woman!” Well, Kim wanted to do something special to honour her friend and this is the result. It was filmed at the Toronto Eaton Centre after only one 6 hour rehearsal.

Kim’s goal is to reach 1,000,000 viewers – please help her reach her goal and pass this on to all the amazing women you know. Enjoy!!

In New Orleans, they have parades with jazz musicians. I think that is so cool. At my great Aunt’s funeral, they played music and sang because she was in the choir and loved music. Maybe my neighbor who loves the ocean, wants to be buried at sea. I don’t know. It’s an interesting topic isn’t it?

I recommend, dear ladies, that you talk to your friends and family about how you would want to be remembered. I don’t think it’s a morbid topic. I think you can find a lot about people if you talk about this topic. So please do!