Hi ladies!

Aha! I got you! You thought I was going to talk all about my obsession with shoes, didn’t you? Well, who ever said I was a predictable gal? I’m fessing up. I have a foot fetish.

Some people do self-portraits or love to take photos of interesting faces, and I love those images. But there’s something to me about feet that just interests me. Rather than look at a smiling kid, if you look at their feet, the shoes they wear, how they stand, you can learn stuff. Subtle stuff. My feet take me everywhere, they guide me, they help me. So why shouldn’t I honor them and honor the feet of others? I find that photos of people’s feet are less intrusive and leave more up to the imagination of the viewer.

So here goes:

Me and hubby’s foot – Paradise

Traveling feet

City feet – on the subway in Boston

Party feet

Tourists in Vegas with very bad taste.

Family feet – my Dad, sister and me

My hubby’s foot on vacation in Mexico. he has crazy toes! They look like a frog’s sucker feet. Maybe he can climb trees with them.


My Godaughter and my feet when we bought her very first pair of high heels (she’s 10)!