Here’s my tardy Free Fridays post. It apologizes for being tardy and will punish itself appropriately.


Let’s celebrate the leaf today everybody!!

Natural leaves are a thing of beauty and they come in so many sizes and colors. To capture the pure beauty of a leaf is some feat. And the person I think who accomplishes this the most is artist Michael Aram.

Most gorgeous trivets I have ever seen

Leaf platter – stunning

I discovered his work at Bloomingdale’s while creating our wedding registry. I saw these trivets and fell in love with them instantly!! My friends Stan and Chris got them for us and I adore them – both the trivets AND my friends! I have now made it a goal to collect a couple of Michael Aram pieces each year. The work is stunning and brings entertaining to a level of elegance like no other!!

At the Laguna Art Show (I seem to be talking about this a lot lately), there was a very talented photographer named Michael Cahill. I loved his work, the use of color. And he had this SPECTACULAR series of leaves that looked like oil paintings, they were so rich and dense in color. I was blown away and I want the series so, but it is expensive.


Leif Garrett – I prefer to remember him when he had his luscious locks (which by the way, so many boys are copying these days), and not to think about his Celebrity Rehab stint or all around ickiness that surrounds him now. He was a cool dude. Check it out:

Leif Garrett in action!

Fall leaves are glorious! While we do get a few here and there in SoCal, we never see the expanse of the full color spectrum that one sees in Vermont or New Hampshire come fall. I do miss it so. I try to go back to the east coast and reminisce in 3-D of my leaf-filled youth.

And now, for the FREE FRIDAY item!! Drumroll please….

I am giving away a pair of these FAB leaf earrings from a very cool designer called Biko.

Biko is fantastic!

Just leave a comment on why you want them and your email and I will pick a lucky winner out!!

Happy weekend everyone!