Hi Ladies!

Have you seen the ads for ChristianMingle.com? Holy blasphemy Batman! This stuff is crazy. That’s really nice that good Christian people are trying to find their soulmate but have you read their tagline?

“Find God’s Match For You”

I don’t care how religious you are, this is false advertising to the highest power. To imply that this dating site has direct access to God, like he’s sitting in their offices in front of a computer, matching up nice men and women is as asinine and disturbing as that guy Ernest Angley telling people to put their hands on the TV so he could cure them of things like cancer or blindness. Yeah, right. What’s next – Jerry Falwell coming back from the dead to do quickie weddings online? Give me a break.


If these enlightened people at ChristianMingle have a direct link to God, then why are we wasting this connection on DATING tasks? Shouldn’t we ask him how to end famine, or the meaning of life, or perhaps why my mother is so nuts? Or how about why we can’t fly or live underwater? These are questions to which I want to know the answers! It seems God is better suited for finding a great gal for Tom or a nice man for Theresa – or so says ChristianMingle. Puh-lease.

Someone should really regulate outrageous ad claims. Someone…. PLEASE.

I wonder if he's a PC or Mac guy?