Hi everyone!

I missed you! Wow did I go dark for a while. I have been going through a bad divorce (are any of them ever good?) and I’ve just been too overwhelmed to even think about posting here. But I have been writing and now, as 2018 begins, my writing muscles are flexing and working it!

I’ve been writing some poetry. I have written poetry for most of my life. I actually won a national award in high school. I have some famous ancestors who are poets – Robert Lowell and Amy Lowell. Maybe you have heard of them? I like to think that poetry is in my genes. So, I will be sharing some of my original works with you and would love your feedback!

Here goes one:


I would watch her cooking show and marvel at her skills

She was real and fun and nice, all substance, no frills.

I dreamt that I lived with her and she was my mother.

I’d come home to love and great meals and she’d say it was no bother.

We’d sit and eat and talk about our day.

We’d laugh and hug and never run out of things to say.

This dream was so vey important to me because my real mother was no cup of tea.

She never baked cookies or cake or any hot dish.

She was selfish and mean – a total narcissist.

She did whatever she wanted and we were a second thought.

She was completely oblivious to the stress and pain she brought.

No wonder a different mother I sought.

In my adult life I tried to explain but it was all done in vain.

She’s not sorry, she said she did nothing bad.

I don’t talk to her now and that’s a little sad,

But life without her is gentler, happier and kinder,

So for now I’ll keep dreaming of Ina…..