Happy Memorial Day weekend ladies!!!

Many families are celebrating graduations this summer. It reminds me of my graduation from Boston University. I was young, nervous, excited, and ignorant to the real world of working full-time and busting my hump to make a living. (I soon found out what that’s about). I was at an age where I thought I could do anything and the world seemed mine for the taking. I could be what I wanted, I could pursue the career of my choice, and the world would support me in every way.

What I learned after graduation is that there is good and bad in everything and your life is what you make of it. I have a knowledge now that is more careful, cautious and reasonable. I replaced my innocent enthusiasm with wise thinking. That is not a bad thing, it’s just completely different. I do miss that feeling that nothing will stop me and that I am in control of it all.

I hope you will support and encourage the young people in your life to go for their dreams and to have the self confidence that they can do it. After all, if they say they want to be an astronaut or a famous actress, or an inventor of a multi-million dollar idea or a leading fashion designer, don’t laugh or look at them like they are crazy. Just remember that some people HAVE become exactly that. So any dream can be achieved!

I wrote this poem for my little brother years ago and I think it relates to all the high school and college graduates today.





It’s your concoction, your own unique brew

To create, to sample, and experiment too.

Start simple and build from there.

Trust your instincts but do please take care.

…and Stir the Pot.

Throw in a ton of enthusiasm, a pinch of passion.

Lots of truth, integrity, and plenty of compassion.

How much zeal, wonder and knowledge? It’s yours to ration.

…then Stir the Pot.


Let it boil, rise up, like a glorious tempest.

But then simmer too, and enjoy the calmness.

Listen to others and take in what you need

But listen to yourself above all else,

You take the lead.

…and Stir the Pot.


It will take time, much trial and error,

It will change form, consistency and flavor.

Sometimes light and delicious, full of joy,

Sometimes heavy and thick with difficulty, that may irritate and annoy.

…so Stir the Pot.


Add other things to suit your taste.

You will find it has great character, complexity and grace.

You will be proud of your work, and ready for others to sample,

Let them, so they can see how substantial.

Never stop going back to add to what you’ve got,

You may think it’s finally complete, but it’s not.

And don’t forget little brother, to