I hope you carved some pumpkins this weekend, maybe dressed up as something scary, slutty or silly, ate some Halloween candy just to get in the spirit early, maybe went to a Pumpkin Patch and admired some Halloween decorations!

We carved pumpkins. I wrote before that I am obsessed with the free stencils that you can print out online. I did a bat and it came out just batastic!! I am way too spazzy to try to freeform a design so the stencils have opened up a whole new world of pumpkin carving for me.



Roll up your sleeves and dig in!


I hope you get lots of trick-or-treaters if you are staying home or get lots of goodies and see some great costumes if you are going out. If you are doing neither, rent a Halloween movie or go drive around some neighborhoods and check out their decorations.


Very Martha Stewart




Simple and elegant


Nice pumpkins we carved!




Our front gate is ready!