F@*#CK NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS! I don’t make them. What I do is make some goals for myself for the year. They are a range of small and easy to big and lofty. The biggest goal I have is to get my body back. Now that we are done with infertility treatments (thank God), and everything that comes with THAT CRAP, I can own my body again. I am so excited to lose weight, get toned and strong.

This is the year of thinking forward and positively and banishing thoughts of stuff I don’t or can’t have. What I do have is the ability, willpower and desire to feel and look better. Why am I telling you this stuff when you might not give a damn? Because, studies show that when you put it out there and tell people, you are more likely to stick with it, so there you go!

Since joining my sister’s company as VP, I am more than ever motivated to think about my health and be responsible for it. How can I help promote the brand if I am not walking the walk or talking the talk myself? Right?! KatNap Fitness should have a great year I hope and by following what we ask our members to do, I am staying true and keeping my integrity.

I am starting with a cleanse – not a crazy juice cleanse, but a simple diet with lots of veggies and fruit, no meat, no processed sugar and no wheat or dairy or eggs. Of course I will go back and eat bread and cheese and desserts but I need to do this cleanse to jump start my mind and body to doing things differently and better. I am following the same cleanse that KatNap Fitness recommends to its members, so let’s see how it goes!

I also plan to work out consistently and do more weight training. Toned body – I am going to find you this year!

In my better days! Looking skinny!

In my better days! Looking skinny!

We have one body and one life in this world, so it’s time to stop abusing it and taking it for granted. Last year, I saw too many people have health problems and depression and other things due to their lack of caring for their health. I myself am guilty of just throwing in the towel a lot last year. That STOPS NOW.

So here’s to a productive, exciting, enriching, fun and HEALTHY year devoted to my health!!