Hello fellow poetry lovers!

I am pleased to announce that I have created HERKU – a new form of poetry for women to encourage us to support one another, fight for what’s right, help each other and use our voices and minds to overcome and conquer this world that has, for so long, been a man’s world. I encourage men also to join our journey so that we all can uplift one another and spread love and hope. 


For the women I write.

Upon wrongdoings we must shed light.

Stay strong, unite and fight.


The HERKU is based on the Japanese Haiku, but is a 6-9-6 syllable format. Why? Glad you asked? Because women have a LOT to say and we are going to say it dammit! I also use a lot of periods in my HERKU because women have periods!


For too long, we have remained silent. For too long, we have let bad people get away with it. Enough. Use your voices ladies. Join me. Write a HERKU and share it here!!! I will post them. 



I have been writing poetry since I was a kid. I won a national poetry award when I was 12. Poetry is in my blood – my ancestors are Robert Lowell and Amy Lowell. I hope to honor them with my prose. I never stopped writing poetry. It is a creative outlet for me that feeds my soul. When my douchebag, piece of shit ex-husband wrote me Haikus and even proposed to me with one, I thought it was cute. But I never thought Haikus were all that interesting, preferring the long poem form myself. However, after a long divorce battle and being left beaten and battered by both my ex and lawyers, I found a new path to fight back and share my voice. One day, I woke up and thought of the HERKU and thought – What a beautiful, intelligent way to not only erase my crappy past with my ex’s lame Haikus but show my strength and my power by creating something truly unique and fabulous. Let’s do this!

Thank you in advance for supporting my art and for sharing yours. Love to us all.