Did you have a nice long weekend? I hope so!

I recently went on a health retreat and I want to share some of the great tips with you that I plan to incorporate into my routine. February is a great month to make changes in your diet and fitness routine. I don’t know about you, but January is major catch-up month for me, and I am usually still celebrating the holidays, eating the cookies and candy that have been given to me or made by me (naughty!).

The first issue we will tackle is a simple one – posture.

You know you slouch (admit it!), but it has become a part of your life just as the fact that maybe you don’t floss or drink enough water – things we are supposed to pay attention to but don’t. We are told to stand up straight. Maybe in gym, you had teachers trying to get you to put your shoulders back. My high school even handed out a posture award every year! I secretly wanted to win it so badly, but Hillary always one. Damn her and her stick straight spine. Most of us these days look more like Susie Slouch or Crumpled Cathy than Polly Posture.

Almost everyone has computer slouchitis. We hunch over to see the screen and slouch to use the small keyboard – and might I add, those darn keyboards are getting tinier and tinier by the month. Sometimes I catch myself completely slumping over my laptop and am horrified at the fact that I probably am in that position more often than I know.

A trainer I met showed me a couple of exercises to help improve my posture and also recommended that I get a separate keyboard and mouse for my laptop. Most people use their laptop as their daily work computer and that little screen and board are really not meant for a big WASP like me. He also recommended I get a stand for my laptop so it is higher up and closer to eye view, hence the training to not slouch.

My snazzy new setup

I redid my computer area and while it may take a week or two to get used to it, I already feel like I am slouching less!

I also bought a posture brace. Sound extreme? Well, if you want to fix a problem, you need to go for it and do what you can to fix it. This brace from Posturenow.com got great reviews from top media so I figure why not try it. I ignored the cheery photos of senior citizens on the site and paid the $39.95 plus shipping and handling. It is meant to keep your shoulders back and can be worn under clothing. So wish me luck on strapping this thing on every day to stop myself from becoming Quasimodo. I will let you know how it goes.

Not a good look for me!

Lastly, posture exercises are important! We do not stretch or do these exercises because we are busy people and just do not put it on our To Do list. Well, time to change that. Some can be done in the shower and even if you do just one of the exercises, you will be doing something for your spine.

Posture exercises:



Now go enjoy your day and remember – Head up and Boobs out!