Glorious weekend to you ladies!

The critters are out of hibernation!

It may still be a bit nippy out, but….

Spring has sprung in California and I am quite giddy,

It hasn’t sprung in other states and that is quite a pity

Flowers are blooming, new green is coming up everywhere!

I want to go get out my summer clothes, but it’s only March so I don’t dare.

I see lemons on my tree growing, and I salivate knowing that a homemade lemon tart is soon to come.

I water the plants with visions of breakfast outdoors with the hubby and the New York Times.

I wish I had an entire orchard filled with orange trees, avocados, lemons and limes!

Oh how I LOVE Spring and all that it represents.

The hummingbirds zinging, the sunshine, and the floral aromas that are heaven-sent.

I will have to weed. They have overtaken the lawn.

But with some tools, my knee pads and some grunt work, they will be gone, gone, GONE!

Ladies! Get ready for a glorious time of year,

Let’s give a big, happy, excited cheer:

Yay Spring!

Yay Spring!