Happy Sunday Ladies!!

I am feeling charitable today, and not because it is Sunday. I was never much of a church-goer. However, I have a pile of letters on my desk from various charities begging for donations, so I feel the need to act.


Yes Tiny Tim, I agree! We should feel blessed this time of year and appreciate what we have. Now I am not going to get all crazy evangelical on you and give you a guilt trip, so don’t worry. I still look at magazines and complain that I can’t buy the latest $2,000 Gucci bag. Must be nice for whoever can do that. I still complain about not having enough closet space in the house, eventhough I have twice what I had when I lived in an apartment less than a year ago. We all want more. People living in huge houses find problems with it. People who we think have everything may not have love. A friend of mine was living in an $8 million dollar home and was in the worst marriage ever. She is out of it now, thank goodness. Everyone has a right to complain and want more. We have to have empathy for that. But that being said, we also need to have empathy for those who have less because there are a hell of a lot of them out there.

For years now, I have said I should find a pet project that gives back. I was on a board for Picture Me Happy, but they struggled to get it going and still are having problems. I joined Girl’s Inc. but did it right before my wedding and found it impossible to do much. And now the director I liked left. I’m not making excuses. Well, maybe I am. But I have decided that if others can find the time and energy to help people than so can I dammit. My friend Jerry just told me that his friend cooks food every other Sunday and a charity picks it up for the homeless. Every other Sunday. Talk about commitment! Now that’s a decent human being. And next weekend I will go to a holiday party that benefits Project Angel Food. My friend Edd does it every year and they raise thousands. So here I am, ready to do something. I found a great organization here called Orangewood Children’s Home for abused and neglected kids. In February, I will go and begin mentoring. My husband, when I told him I would mentor a child, joked “Poor kid.” I almost killed him. But then I laughed. He’s funny.

I also am going online now and donating some money to some charities. I don’t have much to give but I believe that if everyone gave $10 to a charity, it can quickly grow to thousands, even millions. I’m telling you this not so you can give me a big pat on the back and go “Oh Lindsley, you are such an amazing person!” and worship the ground I walk on. I’m telling you because I hope this inspires you.


A million charities need money. Go online and donate. Even $10 helps. I like Food Network’s campaign for Share Our Strength – www.Strength.org. Or help your fellow female – www.WomenforWomen.org


No problem! You can do so much. My dad used to take us to Salvation Army and help wrap gifts for kids. Or go donate your time to the local soup kitchen. Go shopping! In your closet. Go look. You and I both know you have tons of stuff in there that you either don’t wear anymore or are never going to wear. Donate it.

Help someone you don’t know have a happy holiday this year!

P.S. If those horrid women on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” would spend less money on plastic surgery and clothes and more giving it to a worthy cause, there would be a lot less poverty. Nasty evil women!! Oh, and buying a $1,0000 ticket to a charity ball so everyone can see how gorgeous you are in your expensive gown and compete with all the other ladies on who has the best jewels is NOT charity. It’s self-serving and lame.