Hello you sexy ladies!!!

Okay, call me cheesy. Go ahead. I don’t mind. Of course, it depends on what kind of cheesy, doesn’t it? Well, I dove into the cheese feet first and signed up for the S Factor Pole Dancing class. Yup. You learn how to dance sexy and work the pole.

Let me tell you ladies, it’s GENIUS! I am probably like a lot of you women in my dislike for strippers and what they stand for. It does a huge disservice to us emancipated women who want to be seen as more than a sex object and not “working” for men’s money. But, and this is a big BUT – women should be able to feel sexy and proud of their bodies right?

For me, I first had to get over the whole stripper thing. You will never find me at a strip club. HELL no. But this class is women only (no men or dollar bills in sight). If you take away the ick factor of stripping and see the S Factor program as an exercise class with dancing, then you get it. After passing that hurdle, the reason for me to go to Pole dancing class was simple – I really missed dancing sexy to good music!! And when I say good music, I mean the dirty, sexy rap music with lyrics like “So I let her lick the lollipop” and “Drop it Low girl!” Who knew that a white wasp girl like me would find that music to be what I get my funk on with?!

I miss the days back in college when me and the girls would go to the dance clubs and hold court on the dance floor. We would dance for 3 hours straight! Right Julie?? Right Becky?? Yes! And it was FUN! And it was a major workout. Now, I go to spinning class and have to listen to that techno crap or I try yoga and feel tortured because it is just too damn slow for an A-type personality like myself.

So enter S Factor. Who wouldn’t want to know how to twirl around on a pole? Reminds me of the junglegym at school. I was surprised by the variety of ladies in the class. There were younger, older, skinny, robust, all sorts. And their reasons for going to the class were wonderful – one lady said she is a mother of two and just needs to “find her sexy again.” One young very smart girl said she just needs to be in tune with herself more and feel good.

The first class was last week and we did a ton of warm up moves and sexy hip rolls. I have to say that with a history of bad hips in my family, this class is excellent for working and stretching the hips. And it feels good ladies. They keep the class almost completely dark and no mirrors so it’s not about watching the girl next to you and comparing or studying yourself in the mirror. It’s about letting go and feeling good.

I did a little eye-rolling when the instructor explained how we are all sexy women and should explore our bodies and I REALLY eye-rolled when during hip-rolling, she asks you to caress your curves with your hand as you slide it down your body. “OH MY!” But hey, it definitely made me connect with my body that’s for sure!

Of course, I was not the biggest fan of having to sit through the demo by the instructor at the end and watch her rather ample ass in small tight shorts undulate around. It was rather unappetizing to me. But I concentrated on just seeing this as “educational” and trying to learn the movements.

At the end of the class, I felt stretched out, all my muscles had been worked and I did, in fact feel sexy.

LADIES – My advice to you today is to TRY SOMETHING NEW. Get out of your box. Take a new class. Go learn a language. Just trying something new will make you feel refreshed, excited and focused on YOU – and You are the most important person!!!

More on the pole dancing class as I progress…..gulp.