Hey you fabulous single ladies!

That’s right – I’m talking to you!!!

In honor of that dreaded V day, I’m giving away 4 copies of my book MY KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR IS COMING…HE’S JUST STUCK IN TRAFFIC

Me and my book

I promise to help you laugh out loud and give you the balls to live your single life fully and go from hopeless to hopeful!

To win: Just leave a comment below and I’ll be in touch! 



Lindsley Lowell is a girl about town and a former career dater. Her experiences of dating in a sea of mediocrity were so hilarious and tragic, she was forced to write them down and share them. Lindsley represents many women – an educated, attractive career-driven woman who tries to walk the line between the independent modern woman and the hopeless romantic who believes in the Knight in Shining Armor and true love. She is a romance novelist combined with frontline war journalist when it comes to reporting on life and love. Lindsley has had her own family and friends tell her she should lower her standards to find someone. If she can ignore them and still insist on true love, so can other women.


Lindsley has long served as the resident dating counselor for her many friends – all highly effective and affected people. Her community has always admired her for her brutally honest, no-nonsense advice.


Lindsley has worked as a publicist in New York and Los Angeles for over 13 years but her true passion is writing. In 2011, she founded www.Ladiesinthepink – a site for women to share, inspire, create and laugh. She has written for Malibu Magazine and 944 Magazine.


She lives in California with her knight in shining armor and their goobery dog Lincoln.