Remember when “Sex and the City” was all the rage and there was a quiz going around that helped you find out which character you were most like? Since Samantha was blond and worked in PR, and I’m blond and worked in PR, people told me I was the Samantha character. That pissed me off. “I’m not a slut, than you very much,” was my reply at first. But then I just realized that people like to identify with others and they like putting people in categories, or boxes.

I am all of those “Sex and the City” women and none of them, thank you very much. Some days, I feel randy and naughty and I want to flirt and flaunt my stuff like Samantha. Some days I want to wear a preppy outfit and cook in the kitchen and arrange flowers like Charlotte. Other days, I want to command the boardroom and wear a power suit like Miranda and often, I want to push the envelope with my outfits and be free and a little zany like Carrie. What’s so wrong with that?

Me as a redhead with long extensions

Me as a redhead with long extensions

I feel that women can’t be defined by one personality or one look. We are complex creatures and our mood can change at any given time. I love that about women. I don’t expect my friend Janet to be shy and traditional all the time. She steps out of that box often by doing things that are challenging to her and scary, like trying online dating or traveling alone. My friend Tracy is not always free-spirited and avant-garde. Many days, she talks about having a traditional family and then she goes and bakes cookies. Isn’t that terrific?

The other day, my Every Way Woman co-hosts and I were talking about Kelly Ripa’s new haircut and how it’s such a big deal with people. A great point was made that people are comfortable seeing Kelly with long hair. It’s familiar. It’s safe. Screw safe and familiar! I think women should be able to change their style and look anytime they want and not get beat up for it. Hair grows back. Big deal. I have a friend who changes her hairstyle EVERY month. One month, it’s corn rows, the next, it’s long black hair, the next might be short Rihanna style. Clothes are just that – you can take them off and change your look any time you want. I, for one, would wear a wig every single day if they didn’t look so fake. There are days I wake up and wish I was a redhead. Some days, I wish I had a short black bob like Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction. Other days, I’m feeling the pageant look with long, Barbie locks. In my closet, I have everything from preppy, 50’s housewife dresses to ballbuster business looks to flowy, hippie styles to all out vamp sexy dresses. I wear them all, depending upon my mood.

Me Vegas pool

You know why Halloween is so popular? Because people can take a risk and wear a completely different look and no one will say anything. Why can’t we have that Halloween nerve all the time? I’m not saying you have to go from mom jeans to the Goth look, but how about a change in hair color or completely different lipstick?

Do you feel pressure to keep the same look? Are you afraid to try new styles or are you happy with wearing the same look? When was the last time you changed your hair? Would your friends, significant other, colleagues be supportive if you changed your look? How do you show your personality? What is your style?