Hi Ladies!
Can you believe we made it through another Christmas?! Ours was hectic and zany and fun and amazing and exhausting. On Christmas day, some relatives came over for dinner. Many of them, I only get to see once a year, if that. It was particularly fun to see the 3 daughters of my step-uncle.

The daughters are all so pretty and nice and remind me of my sisters and I when we were young. We got caught up on where they are in school, what their hobbies are and, of course, celebrity crushes. They asked me many questions about L.A. And my work. As I was talking about my public relations work, their eyes lit up. They thought this stuff was interesting. Which is funny to me because I have been doing PR so long, it seems old hat to me.

The girls talked about how much they loved the movies and one said she would love to live in L.A. I said, “Well, you can!” I continued on to tell them that they can have any career they want, live anywhere they want and how I never thought I would wind up in California. The oldest daughter talked about a book she was writing. I told her about a girl who had become very succesful as an ebook writer and she was just about her age. That interested her a lot. The girls got excited talking about their dreams. And I got excited listening to their dreams.

After they left, promising to stay in touch, it dawned on me that dreams are such a big thing. Everyone talks about hope and faith, and those are important, but dreams make big things happen. Without dreams, it’s impossible to make huge changes in your life and think that you can do great things. Hope may get you through hard times and day to day, but dreams help you create a life that you may never thought possible. It can be irrational thought, but it leads to greatness. The only difference between us and the over-achievers of the world is that they know how to dream big, and then follow that dream.

I still have dreams. I want to be a successful writer. I want to travel the world. I want to make a huge contribution to charity. And I can see these dreams clearly. There is no reason why I can’t fulfill my dreams, or at least try.

So ladies, as we go into the new year, please DREAM. Act on your dreams. Dreaming is exciting, it’s adventurous, and it makes our future look bright. You are never too old or too young to dream. Encourage others to dream. Write your dreams down. You can make your dreams come true!