Why are there so many crazy people in this world? And why do they seem to all want to talk to me? I got a voicemail yesterday from some cuckoo woman saying, “I’m tired of getting your emails. If you want to know who to take off your list, call 858-XXXXX.” The message was abrupt and rude. She sounded ticked off. Well.

I immediately got irritated. My shoulders tensed and went up. (This is why I need massages. I will be Quasimodo soon with this stress going directly to my neck and back). I thought about what to do. Do I ignore it? Is it a media person who I just pissed off? I am a publicist so I send out lots of emails with press releases and pitches on my clients. I get most of my lists from CISION, which is a reputable source that publicists have been using for years.

After thinking about it for another minute or two, I decide to call the woman. No matter how rude she is to me, I can solve the problem by taking her out of my email system. I call. She answers. “Yes, I received a call saying that you do not want to receive emails from me,” I say professionally. She gets into it immediately rambling on about how she has reported my emails as spam several times and still gets my emails and that she is really mad… and blah, blah, blah. Then she says, “WHERE did you get my email address??!!” I calmly reply by asking her if she is a media person. “NO! I am not media. I have nothing to do with media!” Okay. She seems to be getting more agitated, even though I am speaking calmly. She does not tell me her name. I say “If you just tell me your email address, I will take you out of my system.” That sends her into a dizzying monologue about how she will NOT give me her email because she is worried what I will do with it. She then rambles on about how she is going to report me and then her WHOLE network will see my emails as Spam. WTF???

I am now irritated because clearly, she is nuts. “Well ma’am,” I say, “I can’t stop sending emails to you if I don’t know your email to take it out of my system. And you won’t give me your email because you are paranoid. So, either way, you are giving me no options.” She practically screams back about how she doesn’t want any more emails from me. This, I think we established. “Believe me ma’am,” I say still calmly, “The last thing I want to do is to send you any more emails. But I can’t fix the problem if I don’t know your email or any information.” She just continues and then hangs up. OMG. What a kook!

I try to go about my business and not think about this whacko. Who could it be? Most of my lists are of media people. If they are not, then it’s family and friends and I have never had a problem sending them stuff. So what’s the deal? I stew over it, worrying that she will do something weird like report me to the email Gods and then my life will be compromised because this woman got one too many emails she doesn’t want. And, if she reported it as Spam, then my emails to her should be blocked by her system. It’s not my fault she has a crappy system. I get exasperated. I sigh. I worry. I have a knot in my stomach. Then, in the shower, I have an epiphany. If I let this one crazy person that I don’t even know ruin my mood and my day, boy am I in trouble! I already have a stressful life. There are so many loonies out there. If I let one stranger who I talked to for 2 minutes destroy my spirit, then how will I ever survive? I tell myself to just let it go. I start to laugh in the shower, imagining her sitting there, thinking I am a secret evil operation out to get here. I then feel sorry for her that she is so tortured by her own crazy thoughts. Agitated, worry, scared, anger, frustration, relief and then empathy. I went through them all!

Advice for you ladies – the next time you have an episode with a crazy person – maybe a screamer at Starbucks (why are there so many crazies at Starbucks) or perhaps a homeless person yelling down the street and at you, or even someone going agro in traffic – just let it go. Don’t let them upset the balance of your world. They might try to be in it, but they are not. Of course, if you see someone harassing a nice person, for god’s sake DO SOMETHING! I have stuck up for many a waiter and salesperson. That’s called making the world a better place!