Hello to you fine people on this wonderful Saturday!

Who can remember the line in “Rain Man” when Dustin Hoffman says “Kmart Sucks”? it’s one of the many lines me and my sisters would say all the time. I must say, I am not a Kmart shopper. I don’t think they have done a good job on their image. Other “bargain” retailers have done much better. Target’s ads make you proud to shop there and Marshall’s has long been known to have great finds. Even TJ Maxx is trying with their “Maxximista” campaign. But Kmart? Oh poor, sad Kmart.

So imagine my surprise when I went to a Kmart recently and actually found some cute fashions??!! It was desperate times. We were in the middle of nowhere in Massachusetts and we needed to find some fun birthay items for a family member as well as some floats or some sort of fun water toys for the beach. The store options were EXTREMELY limited. Of course, when I see clothes (no matter how scary-looking), I must go to them, like a fruitfly to fruit (did I tell you those little bastards are STILL buzzing all around my kitchen??!!).

The racks were disheveled and badly organized but I am a trooper, so I rolled up my sleeves and got in there. Amongst the elastic-waist polyester pants and rayon stretch unattractive garments, I found this cute shirt!!! How chic is this???

On the sale rack for $14.99, I snatched it up. I am sad to say that it is from the Jaclyn Smith Collection. I have nothing against Miss Smith. In fact, I was one of her biggest fans on “Charlie’s Angels,” but to say that her name as a fashion designer would cause inspiration and admiration…well…there’s no PR move I can do to make THAT happen. Sorry Jaclyn.

I also found a cute black shirt from her collection. $14.99. Nice! I ignored the depressing lighting and dismal surroundings of Kmart and headed home. I planned to wear my shirts out and pretend they were from somewhere else. The thought of saying “Oh, it’s from the Jaclyn Smith Collection at Kmart,” frankly just sounded depressing and lame. No, I would say something like “Oh, I got it in a little boutique in Boston.”

But when I wore my cute purple shirt out to lunch with my writer friend Eva, I fessed up and told her. “No way!” she said. “I know!” I replied. “It looks like Tory Burch!” she exclaimed. And she’s right. It does. She told me she had not been to a Kmart in years and we shared retail find stories (which women LOVE to share). I am always proud of a good find (and a bargain), especially when it’s not from an obvious designer or store.

Here’s the evidence!

I hope you all get some good retail finds. And remember – you don’t have to spend a fortune to look current and fashionable!